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What Stories Do We Need? with Robert Bly

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Robert Bly poet, storyteller and mythologist takes us on an imaginative and disturbing journey in this live recording. Disturbing both personally and historically, the commentary reminds us that the mythology we have inherited is often defective.

One story reports that the very moment we are born a snake appears wBetterListen!ith us which the doctor throws out the window and, unknown to us, has been growing large in the forest.

Just as the church refused to accept the reality Galileo saw in his telescope, literalists have removed from mythology, by refusing to include them, the dark soul images that nourished our ancestors.



Running Time: 133 minutes

4 reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mark Gardiner
Robert Bly at the height of his powers

Could it be that we each have an unacknowledged older brother growing increasingly bitter and violent waiting at the crossroads of our psyche? Robert used to say about all stories that it is not a matter of believing them or disbelieving them. Stories are storehouses of ancient wisdom spoken, like poetry, in the language of images. Neither believing nor disbelieving but entertaining belief, we learn to use these stories as tools and shorthand for understanding the path of human development.

Frank Coats

Excellent and thoughtful work by Robert Bly. Highly recommended. Fun to listen to as well.

Portia Eubanks

Great to listen to

Karin andersen
Why we need stories

Robert Bly is a wonderfully enthusiastic storyteller, evoking laughter and pain in equal measure. A fascinating account of why we need myths in our lives, and how we can use the power of myth to make our lives more authentic. A great listen - I love the way he tells stories interwoven with personal anecdotes and asides, his humour and his passion. To hear him reciting his own poetry or that of Rumi is a gift. Take him home with you.

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