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The Wounded Feeling Function with Robert Johnson


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In this BetterListen Classic Course, recorded in NYC in 1989, Robert A. Johnson, the celebrated author of 'He, She', and 'We', revisits two medieval tales and illuminates how this feeling function has become a casualty of our modern times.

Johnson tells the story of the Wounded Fisher King from the Grail Myth to illustrate the anxiety and loneliness that plague men. From the folktale of the Handless Maiden, he explains the very different frustrations of women and describes how these disparities in the way we suffer account for much of the tension and miscommunication between men and women. His insightful analysis shows that these two stories, created centuries ago, are even more relevant today.

This classic from our archives is sure to spark insight and intrigue and shed light on the psyche of men and women.
Running Time: 72 minutes

ISBN: 978-1-63757-005-0

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good talk from a luminary

thanks BETTERLISTEN for preserving these now out-of-print old tapes in which luminaries teach. Good Jungian talk.

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