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The Way of Kabbalah with Warren Kenton

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Although its origins are rooted from the time of ancient Babylon, the wisdom of Kabbalah has remained shrouded in mystery since it appeared more than four thousand years ago.  Warren Kenton explores Kabbalah from its roots in Judaism to its wider adaptation of theory and practice for today.  In this program he explains the seven stages one must go through to reach final union with the Ultimate One.


Running time:  Approx.  7.5 hours

ISBN Digital Download978-1-61544-566-0

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Warren Kenton
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Carole Bussière

Thanks. I liked it. I would like to purchase the cd.

Stephen Tomsu
True Guidance from a True Master

In today’s world, where so much misleading and false spiritual guidance overlays the relatively few genuine teachings, the voice of Kabbalist Warren Kenton stands in prominence among the few. His is the genuine teaching, and he is a genuine master. A prolific author of a score of books on the subject of Kabbalah of the Toledano tradition (as opposed to Lurianic or Orthodox Rabbinical traditions), Warren Kenton is, in the opinion of many, one of the greatest living Kabbalists of today. What is so beautiful about Kenton’s teaching, is that it is so universal, and open to anyone, Jew or Gentile, who is interested in spiritual growth. Albeit a Jew himself, Mr. Kenton states that Kabbalah is older than mankind, and that although it survived in the form of esoteric Judaism, it belongs to everyone, just the great prayer of Moses “ Hear O Israel, belongs to every man and every woman who wants to grow.
In these recorded lectures you have a chance to to hear this great Kabbalist invoke the sefirot of the Tree of Life and petition the Holy One, on our behalf, to let the dew of heaven descend into our souls and give us a glimpse of the Upper Worlds. If you listen to Kenton’s instruction, you may get this glimpse. Kenton provides basic instruction on the principles and structure, the force and form of the Tree of Life, a diagram, which constitutes a beautiful symbol of God’s Creation - the gradual unfolding of the Divine Will through the four interleaving worlds of Emanation, Creation, Formation and Making.

As Kabbalisti Master Kenton explains, the Tree of Life is the ladder from Jacob’s dream; a staircase for us to gradually ascend as we increase the level of our awareness. This series of lectures also includes guided meditation under the Kenton’s instruction.
I warmly recommend this series to any serious seeker of the light. Do not miss the opportunity to hear the voice a a great teacher, one of the few Righteous Men.

Kevin Buell
Worked with Warren's material over

Worked with Warren's material over 35 years ago its always good stuff!

Bob Zaslow
Mr. Kenton helps make the

Mr. Kenton helps make the ineffable world of Kabbalah approachable, not in a dry, academic fashion, but as an ardent believer and practitioner. Highly recommend this series.

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