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Armand DiMele, founder of the DiMele Center for Psychotherapy and host of “The Positive Mind” radio show talks to guest Roberta Maria Atti, a well known expert and a pioneer in the fields of holistic health and vegan foods cuisine, about the side effects of suppressing feelings like anger and frustration. These side effects become part of The Toxic Mind. DiMele and Atti discuss ways to prevent the side effects from suppressing emotions and how to heal them.

Running Time: 48 minutes
ISBN: 978-1-61544-064-1

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Andrew Schwartz
Important Research

In my opinion, this is one of the most important of Armand's and cohost Roberta's shows.
They review the psychology and biology of mental illness and then talk about some strategies for dealing with this (we all must deal with in some way). I highly recommend this show.

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