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The Return to Oneness by Dr. Todd Pressman


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In this meditation, you will return to the moment just before the birth of creation. Hovering above the scene, we remember ourselves as high Witness, ready to move from Oneness into the human experience. With this, we stand at the moment of choice, either to birth a new world or rest in the realm of infinite possibilities. Ultimately, the two merge. We recognize the unity of "here" and "there", of "heaven" and "earth", as the Oneness infuses our lives with Joy.

Total Run Time: 27 minutes

ISBN: 978-1-61544-953-8 

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Christine Lymon
Really beautiful!

I've listened to plenty of guided meditations but this one really is different. Dr. Pressman's imagery and quality of voice, in addition to the content of the meditation, create more than a nice experience...for me, they really lifted me up into the experience of Oneness. Wonderful!

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