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The Relationships Workshop with Marianne Williamson


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Recorded live in New York City, this unique “hands-on” program captures the bestselling author of A Return To Love at her best: interacting with a live audience and producing the levels of transformation which any listener will enjoy. 

(Review from Library Journal)

Recorded live at the New York Open Center, Williamson's lively lecture and discussion explains how relationships can be made more positive and satisfying. Borrowing from her best seller, A Return to Love (Audio Reviews, LJ 3/15/92), she leads the audience (and the listener) through a series of exercises and insights designed to foster emotional growth and maturity. Williamson's point that we must acknowledge past pain, but then move on, rather than dwelling on old hurts, is especially helpful. Although her work is based on the principles of the self-study program "A Course in Miracles," she successfully incorporates elements from most major religions and self-help philosophies. Williamson's humor is evident; it's as if one is having a chat with a wise and trusted friend rather than being lectured by a guru. Her self-help message is laced with wisdom and plain common sense, which is, of course, all too uncommon in our world. 

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Running Time: 181 minutes
ISBN: Digital Download 978-1-61544-035-1

4 reviews

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Based on 4 reviews
Anita Sandhu
I wasn't aware of how

I wasn't aware of how old this talk would be. I love Marianne and her work but she sounds really young in this one.

Shari Johnson
Love it! !

Love it! !

Cassandra J. Adams
Very interesting & thought provoking,

Very interesting & thought provoking, as Marianne's talks always are. Her relationship messages are consistently solid & very practical.

Jana H.
Very helpful! I've already listened

Very helpful! I've already listened to it 3 times through. So much good perspective. Marianne keeping it real!!

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