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The Human Shadow by Robert Bly


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Through poetry, music and storytelling, Robert Bly takes us on a thought provoking and entertaining journey captured by this extraordinary live audio program recorded at the Open Center in New York City. Bly says parents make it clear there are certain parts of us they don’t like, ’you’re too noisy’ … One image is to say we take that part and put it into a bag. Our independence and feeling goes into the bag, the bag is getting heavy and two miles long…You could say we spend our life until we’re 20 deciding what to put into the bag, and we spend the rest of our life trying to get it out again."

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John Callahan
Spiritual Necessities

The higher Self comes to claim everything when it is realized. Bly reveals how to bring into that daylight the stuff of the shadow that we have hidden away for years, for a lifetime, sometimes for generations. Bly's style is humorous, bombastic, touching, loving and ruthlessly honest and intimate all at once, which is why I love the man so much.

Helen Whitehead
Funny and insightful

This is a great talk, funny, informative and insightful.

Evija Vestergaard
This is worth listening to.

This is worth listening to. Bly is a great speaker--he has insights and he presents them with a superb sense of humor. It is hard to imagine a better way of learning (or hearing again) about the archetypal Shadow.

Joanna Farina
Excellent material delivered in an

Excellent material delivered in an entertaining and engaging manner. Highly recommend!

Karin andersen
The Human Shadow

Bly takes you deep into into the darkness of the human shadow and holds your hand while he explains how the shadows affect us. Whether he is reading poetry or talking about the dire and dreadful things that we are driven to by rejecting certain aspects of our psyche, he is always entertaining, enlightening and sometime hilarious. I love listening to him and admire him enormously.

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