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The Healing Practice of Mindfulness with Saki Santorelli

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Welcome to Mindfulness Meditation...

This set of recordings is designed to introduce you to both the formal and informal dimensions of mindfulness meditation practice. You might think of "formal" practice as the time that you deliberately set aside on a regular basis to practice meditation. These recordings provide varying amounts of time to practice "formal" meditation in a carefully designed sequence that is intended to assist you in cultivating multiple dimensions of mindfulness.

Likewise, these guided meditations offer you many practical suggestions for incorporating mindfulness practice into the daily round of your life. You might find it helpful to think of mindfulness in everyday life as "informal" practice. However, beyond methods and distinctions, mindfulness is a way of life - a means of touching and inhabiting the warmth, clarity, and spaciousness that is your true nature. 

The Healing Practice of Mindfulness is meant to be used in quiet moments of your life thereby representing a substantial challenge to our growing cultural penchant for "multi-tasking" and trying to do more and more in less and less time.   Working with these guided mindfulness practices will require you to STOP, deliberately making time in your life for non-doing, for being with and nurturing yourself. This itself is an immediate change in life-style; an expression of the care and attention that you have chosen to give to yourself by purchasing this program. 

I wish you well on your journey….


Saki Santorelli


Part 1: Awareness of Breathing, 15 minutes

Bringing the Breath into Everyday Life, 15 minutes

Cradling the Heart, 20 minutes

Opening the Heart to Life, 20 minutes

Part 2: Awareness of Thoughts and Feelings, 30 minutes

Learning to Embrace the Unwanted, 30 minutes

Part 3: Cultivating Compassion, 30 minutes

Loving Kindness for the Body, 30 minutes

Part 4: Exchanging Self for Other 1, 30 minutes

Exchanging Self for Other 2, 30 minutes

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Running Time: 271 minutes
ISBN: Digital Download 978-1-61544-400-7