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The Body Wheel: Mindfulness and Personal Healing Guided Mediations from the Nalanda Institute


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The Body Wheel: Mindfulness and Personal Healing

These guided meditations recorded by Dr. Joe Loizzo are meant to support all four horizons of contemplative learning and meditative practice that make up the gradual path to freedom and happiness taught in the Nalanda tradition. These are the same horizons of learning and practice covered in Nalanda offerings, including one-time meditations, Fall and Spring classes, Winter and Summer retreats and the Four Year Program in Sustainable Happiness.

The Flow of Inspiration: Becoming a Heroic Altruist

Body Awareness Meditation

Covers the art of focusing mindfulness on the living, breathing body by combining mindfulness of the breath with scanning the whole body in real time.

Balanced Sensitivity: Mindfulness of Sensation

Reviews body mindfulness and expands it to include mindful awareness of the raw feel of living in a sensitive body-mind that experiences the full range of sensations from more or less pleasant, through indifferent, neutral or numb, to more or less painful.

Deep Mindfulness: Mindfulness of the Primal Mind

Reviews body mindfulness and balanced sensitivity and then opens up to include the normally unconscious flow of pure awareness which lies deep below the surface contents of thoughts, images and emotions, as the wellspring and primal process of mind.

Radical Acceptance: Mindfulness of All Experience

Reviews the three basic scopes of mindfulness—of the breathing body, raw sensation and the primal mind—then, based on that triple foundation, opens up to embrace thoughts, mental images, and emotions, within a complete mindfulness practice that brings mindful clarity and calm to all aspects of our minds and lives.

Running time: 2 hours

ISBN: 978-1-61544-707-7

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Maria Perez
The Body Wheel meditations take

The Body Wheel meditations take you through the Four Scopes/Foci of Mindfulness Practice weaving current neuroscience and modern psychoanalysis explanations for these Indo-Tibetan practices. These meditations are the framework for our company’s weekly Mindfulness Program that we have been offering to all our employees for over one year now; what was to be an 8-week course, has become an integral weekly program for self-development at the request of our employees. Case Management Network, Inc.

Kevin Buell
Great Stuff!

Great Stuff!

Kimberlee Lueders
Excellent, I'm using them everyday

Excellent, I'm using them everyday and feeling different and more inner calmness.

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