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Soul and Everyday Life by Thomas Moore


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This timeless recording by Thomas Moore centers on his best-selling book Care of the Soul. While discussing the relationships between the soul and work, and money and creativity, Moore says: “The soul is greater than the smallness of our problems and our pasts. It is a part of our whole experience of the universe, and caring for the soul is not about introspection. Nor is it about understanding the mistakes our parents made.” Moore’s view of the soul helps listeners to stop obsessing about the small stuff, and instead helps frame our lives in a broader and more healthful context.

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Running Time: 181 minutes
ISBN: 978-1-61544-005-4

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Based on 3 reviews
Larry George
Soul and everyday life

What I most enjoyed about hearing Thomas Moore's voice is a firm steady urgency and intention to communicate spiritual matters in a very practical, matter of fact way. He's quite humorous about therapy itself as to why one would ever want to go through it and he does finally admit it's a good thing, including being a Jungian too. I'd have to say the sense of urgency he transmits directly to me was that these matters of being spiritual in the world is an adventure to answer the call to life and move beyond political naïveté, alienation and social madness. I take his advice seriously and look for the dimensions of soul work to be done in my ordinary life.

Michel Veltkamp
Voice of the Soul

An excellent follow up and extension of the thesis put forth in Care of the Soul; truly a wonderful experience to hear such a calm yet engaged voice.

Shelly Gellineau
Thomas Moore really gets to

Thomas Moore really gets to the nitty gritty- very profound!

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