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At Marianne Williamson's workshop on The Sacred Self, held at the reknowned Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, Williamson challenged attendees to become the sacred enlightened self which exists in each of us.  The following transcribed excerpt from the workshop captures the essence of the inspiring audio program distilled from Williamsons' powerful work that weekend.

"…That the species, which will come out of all this on the other side of all this, will be as different from you and I today as you and I are, from the cavemen. But you and I could be radically different from who we are right now if we just chose to be. Each and every one of us are playing small on the most incredible level. Now if there is someone in this room who is, in fact, an enlightened master and you are playing small, then my humble apologies. My assumption is that at least most people in this room are like me and everyone else I know." 

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This inspirational and down-to-earth audio program by Marianne Williamson, The Sacred Self Workshop, captures the essence of a great weekend recorded live at The Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. In this program, Williamson tells us that the purpose of our lives is to become the sacred enlightened self which already exists in each of us, and that this “Sacred Self” is the part of us that is serene and indestructible. According to Williamson, by committing with heart to a new path, we can begin to live our lives as an endless prayer. Williamson’s dynamic style helps listeners open to greater love, abundance and joy in their lives.

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Running Time: 147 minutes
ISBN: Digital Download 978-1-61544-033-7

4 reviews

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Based on 4 reviews
Ann Hagan
Excellent, as always. Marianne's talks

Excellent, as always. Marianne's talks and workshops are always more than expected. She always delivers an informative and transformational message.

Gail Modyman
Sacred Self Workshop by Marianne Williamson

Wonderful experience. I have shared some of the recording with friends when they visit. We all were enthralled. Marianne Williamson is one of the most real and down-to-earth spiritual teachers around

Laurine C.
Sacred self workshop Marianne Williamson

Fantastic and easy to use. Thank you Better Listening!!

Beverly Paul
Sacred Self Workshop by Marianne Williamson.

This recording was as excellent as all Marianne's other work. She is one of my favorite spiritual leaders and I am so grateful for her thoughts, insights, & teachings. I highly recommend this recording. Thank you. And best of success in your new political career, Marianne. If I was in Cali, you'd have 1 more vote!

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