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Relationships with Ram Dass


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Recorded in 1980 in San Francisco, Ram Dass gives a glimpse into one of his more challenging experiences as a teacher.  His humanity and humor come through in this transcribed excerpt from his workshop on Relationships:

"I found myself a couple of years ago in Hawaii, on an island in Hawaii, where I had been invited to a meditation group. I thought, “Gee. Wonderful, They will fly me to this island.” I had never seen this island. I was met and taken up into the mountains into a plantation way in the back woods.
The whole thing started to feel a little weird to me, and it turned out that they were an intensive group encounter group and there were about thirty of them. They had been together for years..."

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Running Time: 83 minutes
ISBN: Digital Download 978-1-61544-234-8

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kenneth andert
relationships with ram dass

ram dass has left a legacy of audio and video wisdom virtually unmatched. this is one of them.

Budd Carl Pounds
Relationships with Ram Dass

This is excellent. The Heart-wisdom of Ram Dass shines through this. I had heard this years ago, and it is as refreshingly relevant today as it was when I first listened.

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