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Rainbow Butterfly with Dr. Emmett Miller


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For these two deeply relaxing guided meditations, Dr. Miller is accompanied by the exquisite harp of Georgia Kelly. In fact, Georgia's rise from obscurity to become one of the world's most honored harpists and peace activists, with the coaching assistance of Dr. Miller, was the inspiration for this program.



Running Time: 61 minutes
ISBN: Digital Download 978-1-61544-391-8

4 reviews

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Based on 4 reviews
A beautiful centering and calming tool

I used to listen to this meditation as a child and it was always so deeply relaxing and centering. I absolutely love this recording and still find that it taps into such a deep part of my psyche, as the visualizations I have created from it go back to my early childhood. The harp music is unparalleled. An amazing tool!

This meditation has helped me for 3 decades!

Hands down the best guided meditation around. I listened to it as a little girl to stop growing pains in my legs. In high school it helped ease bad migraines. In my 20’s I listened to it on repeat when my boyfriend was in the ICU and my stress was so bad I could hardly breath. I’ve listened to it before surgeries. When my mother was dying of cancer she listened to it at night to fall asleep and feel relief from anxiety. I could go on but trust me....Dr miller is amazing and Rainbow Butterfly is a godsend.

Rainbow Butterfly

It arrived wonderfully. I used to listen all the time back in the l980's and shared it with many people. I actually haven't even been able to listen yet. I KNOW it will be and is wonderful!

John Everest
One of the best guided meditations around!

I'm so glad I was able to find this again! I had a copy that was lost in a repossession due to an aneurysm and coma a couple of years ago. I used to use this meditation with my mentally ill daycare clients in a relaxation group I ran. I found it personally very effective, both for myself and my clients. Dr. Miller's voice is absolutely perfect for this meditation, and the fact that it moves through all the colors of the rainbow is very helpful.

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