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Poems of Rumi by Coleman Barks and Robert Bly


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We are delighted to offer this excerpt from The Poems of Rumi as read by Coleman Barks, leading scholar and translator of Rumi poetry, and Robert Bly, poet, author, and leader of the men's movement. Jalaluddin Rumi is a beloved as a spiritual master and one of the greatest poets of all time.  

"The dictionaries have no entry for the sort of love we have. If you can define a road, it’s not the lover’s road. The high branches of love shoot up into the air that exists before eternity and the roots grow down into the earth after eternity. This tree doesn’t stand around isolated on the earth. We have pulled the sober watcher from his throne. We’ve moved the said rules for animal and instinctual life. The kind of love that we know of is too great for this sober watcher, and for this simple instinctual life. Now, if you believe that your need can be met and you’re wanting, satisfied from the outside, you are really a tiger or a cougar. You pray any longer to wooden idols, then why do you keep praying to your desire? If you become the one you long for, what will you do with your longing?..." 

Rumi (1207-1273) was one of the world’s most profound and influential spiritual masters. Robert Bly and Coleman Barks accompanied by Marcus Wise (tablas), David Whetstone (sitar), Celso Maldanado, Michael Meade, and Olatunji (drums).

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Running Time: 138 minutes
ISBN: Digital Download 978-1-61544-038-2

15 reviews

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Based on 15 reviews
Bob Zaslow
Rumi Rocks! And this cd

Rumi Rocks! And this cd is a no-frills, honest set of readings by two awesome poets in their own right. I've listened to it often and get something new out of it every time.

Adam Wrathkey
Glad I found this! Love

Glad I found this! Love Bly's Kabir, and this Rumi is just as good. Barks' voice is a good compliment to Bly. I recommend.

Anthony Wilson
Poems of Rumi, read by Coleman Barks and Robert Bly

High quality, sensitive readings of beautiful poetry.

Sharon Waterston

I love Rumi and always enjoy hearing Coleman Barks. And now Robert Bly has joined in and also enjoy his readings.

Patricia W.
poems of rumi by coleman barks and robert bly

an interesting reading of interesting material that requires one to sit and listen.

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