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Piercing the Heart with Marion Woodman


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For many women born and reared in a patriarchal culture, initiation into mature womanhood occurs through abandonment, actual or psychological. It is the identity-conferring experience that frees them from the father.

In the effort to liberate themselves from the very real restrictions of a patriarchal culture, they ironically, even at a highly conscious level, tend to become its victims. The internal father, who in the soul-making process they sought to please, turns on them — or appears to — as soon as that father-image is projected onto a man, or they seek recognition and reward in those creative fields still largely dominated by men. 

Total run time: 106 minutes

5 reviews

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Based on 5 reviews
Beth Forrester
Wonderful ! 🌟

Absolutely wonderful, like every word I’ve heard come out of Marion Woodmans mouth ! Worth every penny :) 🌟♥️💗

Audra Ziegler
Erudite, Lovely, Transcendent, Yet Totally Grounded

Marion is, in my humble opinion, the wisest woman in the world. Or was. Is. Both.
She saves me. Listening to her has truly saved my life. Saved my soul.

As always, excellent and highly insightful

Every time I listen to a Marion Woodman lecture, I feel totally mind-blown and learn something new. Her podcasts are interesting, insightful and inspiring. I don't know how I ever lived without her wisdom. Essential listening for everyone!

josie Cohen
Piercing the heart

Excellent thank you. Can hear Marion Clearly. Can hear trafic outside and pen writing on board. Must be an oldish recording. Enjoyed it very much.

a welcome effort to preserve Marion Woodman's legacy

Here is a welcome effort to preserve Marion Woodman's legacy that mostly survives in old tapes out of stock.
I learnt much from these tapes so I hope more will be released soon.

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