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Throughout the 1970’s until his untimely death in 1979, writer/educator/dramatist Dr. Samuel J. Citron took it upon himself to interview leading authorities on special topics in contemporary Jewish history, mostly relating to the State of Israel. Over the course of ten years of painstaking work, he completed the immense task of pulling together personal accounts of many of the more significant events of the last hundred years. The set consists of 58 recordings, more than 24 hours of listening, each one focusing on a different topic of interest. 

As fascinating as the subject matter are the interviewees themselves: former Israeli Prime Ministers David Ben Gurion, Golda Meir and Menachem Begin, Presidents Yitzhak Navon and Ezer Weizman, archeologist Yigael Yadin and statesman Abba Eban, to name but a few.

Topics are as diverse as the Battle of Jerusalem, the Birth of the State of Israel, the Israeli Air Force, Israel in the International Arena, Masada and Recollections of the Pioneering Years.

Each program begins with an introduction and a list of suggested subjects for consideration. A unique collection that no home or school should be without.

A production of the Jewish Heritage Institute of Friends of the Jewish Theatre for Children, Inc. 

Complete list of included recordings:

A11. The First Colony: Mayor Oved Ben Ami                              

A12. Theodore Herzl, the Man: Flora Muszkat                                          

A13. Eliezer Ben-Yehudah: Dola Ben-Yehudah Wittmann                

A14. Seder at Cassino (Italy): Meshulam Riklis

A15. The Warsaw Ghetto Revolt: Wladka Meed                                          

A16. Exodus 1947: A Passenger - Mordecai Friedland                                  

A17. The Birth of the State: David Ben Gurion

A18. Operation “Magic Carpet”: Ted Stern                                                   

A19. I Fought For the Western Wall: Danny Koenigstein

A20. “My Jerusalem”: Mayor Teddy Kollek                                   

A21. Beginnings - A Retrospective Evaluation: David Ben Gurion                                     

A22. The Bilu: Amram Hazanoff                                      

A23. Jerusalem, the Old Yishuv: Moshe Nathanson                                    

A24. Hashomer: Rahel Yanit Ben-Zvi                               

A25. Afforestation & Land Reclamation: Yosef Weitz                                             

A26. Founding a City - Netanya: Mayor Oved Ben-Ami                             

A27. The Parachutists: Rehaveam Amir                                       

A28. Religion in Tzahal: Chief Rabbi Gen. Shlomo Goren       

A29. Masada: Professor Yigael Yagin

A30. The Six Day War: General (Res.) Chaim Herzog                           

A31. Reclaiming the Huleh Marshes: Jacob Tsur                                              

A32. The Haganah: Dr. Moshe Sneh                                       

A33. The Irgun: Menachem Begin                                     

A34. The Rescue of Danish Jewry - Part I                             

Henrik Kraft, Chief Rabbi Bent Melchior, Ambassador Ebe Munk, Prof.Ole Secher

A35. The Rescue of Danish Jewry - Part II

A36. After Liberation: Rabbi Judah Nadich                                  

A37. The War of Independence: Professor Yigael Yadin                    

A38. The Cave Dwellers:

            A. In The Caves: Meshulam Riklis                                                   

            B. Exodus: Baruch Duvdevani

            C. In Israel: Rahamim Haggag                                      

A39. The Eichmann Trial: Gideon Hausner                                        

A40. Archaeology: Professor Nahman Avigad  

A41. Degania-The First Kibbutz: Hayuta Bussel                                            

A42. Pioneering Years - Recollections: Golda Meir                       

A43. The Palmach: Yigal Allon

A44. Underground Radio Link, New York-Tel Aviv: Herman Gross, Reuben Gross            

A45. The Siege of Jerusalem: Dr. Dov Joseph                                           

A46. In The International Arena: Abba Eban    

A47. The Hebrew University: Pres. Avraham Harman                       

A48. The Legal & Judicial System: Justice Moshe Landau      

A49. Citadels of Healing: Professor Kalman Mann                            

A50. Bedouin Doctor: Dr.Younis Abu Rabia

A51. The Bar Kokhba Letters: Professor Yigael Yadin                             

A52. The Jewish National Fund: Ambass. Jacob Tzur, Zvulun Paran, Hayuta Bussel et al

A53. The Beginnings of Tel Aviv: Yehudit Harari

A54. The Zion Mule Corps: Rafael Aboulafia, Ephraim Auerbach, Leon L. Gildesgame

A55. Nili - Part I: Rifka Aaronsohn, Rafael Aboulafia, Prof. Alexander M. Dushkin                

A56. Nili - Part II: Aaronsohn, Aboulafia, Dushkin

A57. The Shaare Zedek Hospital: Zvi Kaspi, Nahum Pessin, Sister Selma      

A58. Americans in the War of Liberation: Mahal Veterans                                    

A59. The Battle for Jerusalem: Gen. Mordechai (Motta) Gur

A60. Golan Kibbutz:     After the Six Day War: Rachel, Uri, Mordecai

                                After the Yom Kippur War: Erela, Mira, Mordechai  

A61. The Temple Mount Excavations: Prof. Benjamin Mazar                           

A62. Child of the First Aliyah - Part 1: Yehudit Harari                                            

A63. Child of the First Aliyah - Part 2: Yehudit Harari                                              

A64. Pioneer Doctor: Dr. Helena Kagan                                         

A65. Americans Build a City - Herzliyah:

        Samuel W. Levine, Annie Levine, Dr. Avraham C. Nevo, Colonel (Res.) Jozef Nevo

A66. The Sefardim: Yitzhak Navon                             

A67. Building the Air Force: Ezer Weizman                       

A68. The Weizmann Institute: Meyer W. Weisgal

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