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On Self Esteem with Gloria Steinem


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Steinem offers her views on the interconnectedness between self-esteem and sexism, racism, politics, and physical and sexual abuse in this entertaining and educating program, recorded live at the New York Open Center.

“As a speaker, writer and feminist spokesperson, Steinem has no equal.  She expresses herself with irresistible conviction…Steinem sprinkles her talk with wit while offering hope and encouragement that our lives can be better.”

-- Library Journal

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Running Time: 105 minutes
ISBN: Digital Download 978-1-61544-042-9

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Debbie P.
Too Political

I enjoy listening to Gloria Steinem, but I found the subject matter got lost in all the political references. It also dates the material unnecessarily (references were of Carter/Reagan/Clinton. In addition, Clinton is painted as a 'knight in shining armour', with correspondingly high ideals..the material was obviously recorded before a bit of the shine came off his persona. In any case, I found the frequent political references of days gone by distracting. I would probably not buy more of Ms. Steinem's recordings.

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