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Mindfulness Meditation for people with Psoriasis by Jon Kabat-Zinn PhD


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If you have psoriasis, you may find this meditation helpful in mobilizing and maximizing your innate capacities of mind and body to enhance healing and the clearing of your skin. The recording is meant to be "done" rather than simply passively listened to. That means following along with the guidance as best you can and practicing what is being suggested from moment to moment and through the stretches of silence. This meditative process invites your full mind/body participation and engagement in following the guidance in the mindfulness instructions and in the visualization. It is suggested that you practice with this recording at least once a day for a period of at least eight weeks.


 Total Time: 35 minutes

ISBN: 978-1-61544-961-3

6 reviews

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Based on 6 reviews
Laura Miles
Simple and relaxing

I've been doing it a week so far. It's nice and relaxing, basic intro to mindfulness, no clue if it helps psoriasis but certainly can't make it worse!

Everyone is different, but I find the more I practice, the better my eczema gets!

Mindfulness is already a very useful technique for reducing stress. I learned when I first entered university that stress made my eczema worse. Even though this recording is for psoriasis sufferers, I find it applies well to my situation too. Currently starting my 3rd week of meditation and while the improvement isn't linear, it's still there. Highly recommend. Even if you find it "doesn't help" your skin, mindfulness meditation has been shown in studies to change your brain by causing your amgdala (stress response area) to shrink and your prefrontal cortex to thicken (concentration, decisionmaking area), in as little as 8 weeks. You stand to benefit by practising this recording, both mentally, and hopefully with your skin as well. Highly recommend.

Jenna Eisenberg
Love it!

This meditation is so good. I have done it every day and I feel so relaxed and at ease afterward. Jon's voice is heavenly! Thank you so much for offering this.


Mindfulness Meditation for people with Psoriasis by Jon Kabat-Zinn PhD

Lucie C.
Only for Psoriasis

I suffer from another skin condition, quite similar to psoriasis but different, and I hoped I could relate to this recording. However it happened to be very specific to the aspects and mechanisms of psoriasis and so it felt inadequate to my condition. It might be useful for psoriasis, though.

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