“Mindful Is the New Skinny” Meditation Set: Unique Meditations for Different Moods and Challenges with Jodi Baretz

“Mindful Is the New Skinny” Meditation Set: Unique Meditations for Different Moods and Challenges with Jodi Baretz

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Mindful Is the New Skinny” Meditation Set: Unique meditations for different moods and challenges

A deluxe set of 13 guided meditations by psychotherapist, coach and author Jodi Baretz, LCSW. These 10 minute meditations will give you what you need to address issues around the food, stress and relationships in your life. Start listening and practicing the guidance in these treasures and you will begin to feel lighter inside and out. Jodi is a relatable presence, and her street smart wisdom will have you loving life, your body and yourself like never before. 

Meditation Descriptions 

1 BUT, I CAN’T MEDITATE! SHOW ME HOW- This “general awareness of breath” meditation can be practiced on a daily basis.

2 I’M BEATING MYSELF UP. MAKE ME STOP!- This meditation will help you quell critical thoughts and practice self-compassion.

3 IT’S ALL TOO MUCH! I NEED CALM IN THE CHAOS -This meditation (adapted from Jon Kabat-Zinn’s mountain meditation in his MBSR program) will help you become strong and stable so you can execute your responsibilities well and not let the judgments and actions of others affect you. 

4 I’M FED UP WITH DIETING! NOW WHAT?-This meditation will help you shift your mindset from chronic dieter to having a healthier relationship with food.  

5 MY CRAVINGS ARE OUT OF CONTROL! RIDE THE CRAVE WAVE -Try this meditation when you are having a craving. 

6 I CAN’T BELIEVE I ATE THE WHOLE BAG OF CHIPS! EATING MINDFULLY-This meditation will help you eat mindfully and with intention. If you do eat something you crave, it will also teach you how to savor and fully enjoy your food.

This is a guided meditation that you can enjoy with our eyes open! Before you begin, make sure you have a piece of dark chocolate, raisin or any tasty small bite of something flavorful.

7 MY BRAIN NEEDS AN OFF SWITCH! CALMING YOUR THOUGHTS -This meditation will help you practice present moment awareness and use the breath as a focal point to calm thoughts and relax the body. 

8 I DON’T WANT TO FEEL THIS. I PREFER RETAIL THERAPY!-This meditation will help you explore how to process your emotional or physical pain. 

9 I’M TENSE AND DON’T EVEN KNOW IT. GET TO KNOW YOUR BODY-This body scan can help you connect with your body and the signals it gives you. This connection will also help you tune into tensions throughout your day so you can relax your shoulders when they are hunched or soften your jaw when it is clenched. This meditation is usually done lying down with pillow underneath your knees to support your back. Done before bedtime, it can be extremely relaxing.

10 I’M STUCK IN A RUT. HELP ME MOVE FORWARD! -In this meditation, we are going to break through some negative self-beliefs that are keeping us stuck and unable to move forward. 

11 WHY CAN’T I BE HAPPY? FINDING JOY IN A BUSY WORLD -This meditation will help you retrain your mind to scan life for the good, instead of always looking for something to fix or focusing on what’s wrong in your life. 

12 WHY CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG? FINDING EMPATHY-In this meditation, we are going to focus on accepting the beautifully imperfect nature of relationships.

13 PEACE OUT AND SPREAD THE LOVE! -This meditation guides us through the practice of forgiving ourselves and sending compassion to others. See what feelings you notice as you go through this exercise.

Running Time: 2 hours

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