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Whether or not you are able to communicate effectively and create a respectful, honest, and loving relationship depends on how you mentally picture yourself and the other person. The attitude that emerges from this has a powerful effect on how you communicate with him or her. Here is a most enjoyable way, through Dr. Miller’s expert guidance, to improve all your relationships, especially your most intimate ones.


This deep relaxation and guided imagery experience will help you:

1. Relax away tension, resistance, and anxiety so you can be open.
2. Gain access to the potential of your Higher Power, the wisdom within.
3. Amplify your ability to feel unconditional acceptance and Love.
4. Communicate from a centered, loving place, with an open attitude.

How it Works:

The deep relaxation at the start of this program guides you into a very receptive state of consciousness, then guides you to hold in mind a certain perspective. This perspective has been shown to significantly improve people’s ability to relate effectively with others. By repeated listening, you will find it easier to adopt this perspective and the attitude it produces will enhance your relationships. This positive reinforcement will further entrench this new way of doing things. Soon, if you are willing, this new way of being becomes a habit, and you do it automatically – effortlessly.

As you listen, Dr. Miller’s profoundly relaxing voice will guide you to imagine that the world you see and the actions you take in the world are crucially influenced by your inner image of who you are, and habits you have learned for relating with others.

Who we think we are includes a lot of who we were trained to be and who we were told we are. Your values and your beliefs, your needs and your work, your level of education and philosophical or religious training, and many other things – each has a specific impact, and together they form a set of lenses, or filters, that dramatically influence the world we end up perceiving.

You are beginning to realize the awesome importance of Love, and that being able to experience more and deeper love is the key to improve your communication. Love and respect guide you to take the time to understand the perceptions of others, ask questions and actually listen to the answers, to relax and learn to accept.

You are noticing that you can refrain from reacting until you clarify information, and thus avoid inaccurate assumptions and protect your partner from accidental abuse. Otherwise, assumptions, the termites of relationships, will silently eat away at the core structure of your relationships.

As you listen to this guided meditation, you will learn about a technique which will allow Love to develop in your heart and in your relationships, how to amplify it, and to keep it alive and vital. As you practice, you will learn to develop an openness of mind that encourages the maturation of your relationships.

Recommended For:
Improving all relationships that would be enhanced by greater feelings of respect, caring, affection, appreciation, and/or intimacy and love. This is especially valuable for couples to use to recover the loving feeling, or to deepen it.

Relative Contraindication:
In a relationship with someone who routinely abuses you violently, it is wise to consider terminating the relationship or seeking communication counseling. In such cases, it would be wisest to seek some professional guidance in applying this program

Recommended Use:
You may listen once or a few times as your wish. For best results, regular mental image rehearsal is best. Listen once or twice a day for a week. As the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors you are mentally rehearsing begin to appear regularly in your everyday life, you may begin to listen less frequently – perhaps only a few times a week. When the transformation seems complete, listen every 2 or 3 weeks to make sure you are staying on course.

Supplementary and Related Programs:

I Am - Awakening Self Acceptance

It is difficult to fully accept and love another until you have learned to feel that way about yourself. As you listen to I AM, you will discover ever greater inner calm and confidence. You will discover that you can unconditionally accept yourself exactly as you are at this moment – then decide, if you wish, to continue this self-acceptance into your daily life.

Features two guided imagery experiences – a long one and a short one for regular use, both very soothing and designed to help take you to your deepest sense of yourself. There you will reinforce the positives and project them into your daily life.
This program also features a Heart-to-Heart talk by Dr. Miller concerning the nature and value of self-acceptance and how to achieve it.

Inner Child Healing

Your deeper sense of self first develops early in childhood, nurtured by the experience of having people around you that see you as good, beautiful, and capable. When we have, instead, a family that is critical, abusive, and unable to express love, physically or emotionally, the sense of being a truly beautiful and potent being may be delayed, or even fail to develop. This program of guided imagery, meditation, and a Heart-to-Heart talk is designed to give your deeper Self the support it needs. An 11-year-old child (Dr. Miller’s daughter, Aeron) helps guide you at the deepest, most vulnerable level. This is especially useful if you have been abused.

The Serenity Prayer

Discover how The Serenity Prayer, can empower you to transform your life the way you want to. Change involves being able to let go of what is best let go of and having the power to set into motion the new behaviors and beliefs that will define your new, more desirable future. Dr. Miller’s wise guidance will enable you to understand and embody this wisdom like never before. This program will help you teach your deeper mind the true meaning of serenity, courage, and wisdom in a way that is more profound and meaningful than ever before.

Writing Your own Life Script

As you become ever clearer about your true identity, who you really are, you will realize there are many changes you want to bring about in your life. This program, as its name suggests, will help you reprogram the behaviors of your mind and your body – so you can become the person you really want to be. Once you really know who you are in the present moment, you can make wise plans for what you want to be in the future.

Deep Healing - The Essence Of Mind Body Medicine

Dr. Miller’s classic text is of great value in understanding how his techniques work and why. A better understanding of how mind and body work together should be of great value in modifying your life and your behaviors to create an anxiety-free existence.

Running Time: 20 mins

ISBN: 978-1-61544-832-6

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