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King of Togo Togo and Other Stories

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These Laura Simms recordings are classic and loved. Their return has been long awaited. Every story slides easily into our ears and brings the best of storytelling with music alive for all ages. Each piece is a jewel guaranteed to keep children occupied for hours, and adults delighted. 

For twenty years children have grown up with these tales and as adults seek them out for their own children, BetterListen! has brought them back for distribution. 

Listen to The King of Togo Togo, The Flower of Life, the joyful tale of The Two Brothers and the wacky stories of the Dancing Man and the Origin of the Black Bean. Music by Steve Gorn and Bill Usher is brilliant. Unforgettable performances!


Running Time: 79 minutes
ISBN: Digital Download  978-1-61544-135-8

7 reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
The BEST storyteller of our time.

I grew up on these stories and now share them with my own children. I consider Laura Simms one of my life's greatest treasures. She will MAKE you fall in love with her voice, and paint the most beautiful images in your mind with her storytelling methods. LOVE HER SO MUCH!

Don Collyer

King of Togo Togo and Other Stories

Cara C.
Captivating and enchanting!

I remember checking out a vinyl record of this recording from the public library when I was a kid. I went looking for it again for my son, and brought it back out recently for the little 2yo girl I babysit. She would have it on non-stop if I would let her. She loves it, asks for it first thing every day, and knows the stories well enough to relear them right along with the recording. And the stories themselves are deep enough, I could base a scholarly essay on them. They are captivating for all ages and a priceless addition to any listening library.

Barbara Reinhardt
The king of Togo Togo has two horns

i've been looking for an MP3 version of this song for ages.

Stephen M.
Good quality recording. Easy download.

Good quality recording. Easy download.

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