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Dying Into Life Complete Set of Talks with Ram Dass, Stephen Levine and Friends

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These recordings are from a rare and inspiring five day retreat held in 1982. 

On these recordings we hear the wonderful Stephen Levine interacting with Ram Dass and speaking on his own. Levine begins with a “Forgiveness Meditation,” and Ram Dev converses with participants relating to the “self.” Then Ram Dass talks about the death of Swami Muktananda.  On track four, both Ram Dass and Levine discuss relationships, and Levine leads a relationship exercise.  Then Ram Dev talks about the “dying center” and takes questions.  Next Levine discusses the body and pain, and then he takes questions related to the topic of pain.  Ram Dass continues the program by talking about taking social action, and he’s joined by Levine to discuss nuclear war and to lead a meditation.  Moving into the ninth hour of the recordings, Ram Dass leads a question-and-answer period and discusses the Maharaji.  On the final morning of the retreat, Ram Dass reads poems and stories.

A wonderful, deep and meaningful listening experience.

This complete series is a distillation of a phenomenal experience. The high quality recordings and inspired moments represent some truly unique teachings. 


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Running Time: Over 10 hours
ISBN: Digital Download 978-1-61544-464-9

3 reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Aurora Leonard

I love these talks and wisdom from Ram Dass, Stephen Levine and Dale Borglum. Highly recommend.

Mark Dixon
To have walked along the

To have walked along the path for a time with RD and Stephen blessed my life - saved it probably. I resonate with these talks just like the first time I heard them.

sally duncan
Listening to these conversation is like a love transfusion to my heart.

Thank you for making these discussions available. This was easy and accessible. I will enjoy these talks many times over.

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