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Who are you? This is the most important question you'll ever answer. To know -- and to accept -- who you are is the key to success in every aspect of your life.

This extremely useful program is designed to enable deep Self-Acceptance. Let Dr. Miller's expert guided imagery and Heart-to-Heart talk help you discover your true inner self -- the big Self that exists at a deeper level than the little limited self that insists that you're not good enough, not smart enough, or in some other way not capable of succeeding at whatever it is you want to do.

With I Am: Awakening Self-Acceptance, you'll encounter the truth of who you are. The program guides you beyond the distractions of the outside world and the distortions created by past experiences that together can make anxiety, fear, anger, guilt, sadness and other unwanted emotions part of your everyday life. 

By entering a meditative state, a state of light hypnosis, or a prayer state, you can better perceive that deeper truth of who you are and experience the profound sense of comfort and strength that comes with that knowledge. From this state of mind you will create the kinds of emotions you want to be feeling in your life -- confidence, peace and honesty. You'll gain access to that turbo-charged power that comes with true Self-Acceptance and Self-esteem. Only through tapping that deepest power can you achieve the kinds of successes that are most important to you.


I Am – Awakening Self-Acceptance, provides two very different kinds of listening experiences:

eyes-closed guided imagery and meditation, featuring Dr. Miller’s mellifluous voice.
a Drivetime Heart-to-Heart talk by Dr. Miller that may be experienced while driving or while doing other activities.

Track Information:

Track 1: I AM - Relaxing imagery experiences, accompanied by beautiful music, will guide you on a serene journey through time and space to a deeper source within. Drink from the inner spring, and open your mind to receive guidance and a powerful Self-affirmation.

Track 2: The Daily Tune-up is a shorter version of Track 1.Use this track as a regular, morning“tune-up”, or at other times when you have only 15 minutes, but want to strengthen your Self-esteem and personal confidence.

This program will enable you to reprogram your mind and rewire your brain. This is, indeed, Software for the Mind.

And just as it is wise to clear your computer of viruses, documents and programs you no longer wish to waste your memory space on, it is even wiser to pause from timetotime and cleanse your mind, your emotions, and your body of the accumulated stress (link to what is stress) of life. Your mind, your life, and everything you do will be faster and more efficient when you have learned to access and fully accept your true Self.

Just a few enjoyable minutes a day is all it takes to relax, release stress, clear your mind and accept the world as it is. In doing so, you'll find it easier to let go of fixed ideas and emotional blocks and achieve inner balance. You will make far better life choices compared to those you would make while stressed by anxiety, frustration, expectations or other distractions that render the mind sluggish and uncreative.

This program will show you how and guide you through the experience of relaxing deeply, releasing muscle tension, clearing your mind, come to rest at your center. Once you have learned this most useful skill, you will make far better life choices compared to those you would make while stressed by anxiety, frustration, expectations, or other distractions.

Then you will find that a few enjoyable minutes a day is all it takes to completely release all unnecessary tension and come to a centered, relaxed still-point – then to reawaken your Self-acceptance and your ability to accept the world as it is.

This process will work wonders eliminating unnecessary stress and fully relaxing mind and body. The result of this stress management is that you will find it easier to let go of fixed ideas and emotional blockages – every day setting yourself free.The resulting freedom will enable you to go to a profound place within, where you can open to a true awareness of your deeper Self . . . your soul, if you wish. Self-acceptance is an important ingredient of Self-esteem, and you are encouraged to achieve this inner balance by all parts of this program.

Track 3: With this DRIVETIME experience, you can listen while doing other things. Learn facts about Self-esteem and Self-acceptance that will enhance your ability to find inner peace and achieve success in life – whether that involves writing a novel, building a business, being in a truly healthy relationship, or bringing deep healing to your body, mind and soul.

How "I Am" Works:

Deep within, each of us has a sense of Self. Bombarded by the future-shock world we live in, we sometimes forget the beauty and power of the true Self.

Drawing from ancient meditative and prayerful disciplines as well as modern techniques and mind-tools (link to mind tools about page) such as auto suggestion (from self-hypnosis) and affirmations, Dr. Miller helps you erase distractions from your mind and tension from your body, making it easier to contact the deeper Self that lies semi-dormant within. Your heart and mind will open to that inner voice that lets you know you have the power to deal with any difficulty and emerge a winner.

Self-acceptance now will help you eliminate the stresses and strains that weigh upon the body and emotions and keep the mind distracted, sluggish, and uncreative. As you listen to the imagery, you will learn powerful techniques for erasing distractions from your mind and tension from your body. This will make it easier to contact that deeper Self that lay semi-dormant within.

In response to the suggestions and the music that deeper part of you will be stimulated to express your deeper identity to you. When it is dark enough, you can see the stars, and when your mind is sufficiently quiet you can hear that still, small voice within.

Learn the techniques of deep relaxation and guided imagery
Experience deep Self Awareness
Discover how to open to your deeper truths
Reveal the person you really are down deep within
Achieve true Self-esteem and learn how to nurture it

Recommended Applications:

Low Self-esteem, anxiety, shyness, shame or guilt, low motivation, poor self-awareness, victim orientation, beating up on self, and the physical symptoms often produced by these emotions/mind states. Those who fear public speaking, intimate relationships, confrontations, blame, criticism, and judgment, whether from others or from oneself, are excellent candidates for this program.

Detailed Description of Exercises:

This most valuable program offers two kinds of listening experiences. The first two tracks of this program are examples of deep relaxation and guided imagery exercises. These are usually done with eyes closed, and are designed for use when you can give your complete attention. The other experience is a Drivetime Heart-to-Heart talk by Dr. Miller, one that may be experienced while driving or while doing other activities.

Track 1: I AM - This first track brings you a very deeply relaxing series of imagery experiences featuring Dr. Miller’s gentle guidance, accompanied by beautiful music. On your magic carpet of relaxation you will be guided on a journey through time and space to a deeper source within you.

Envisioning this center of your being as a meadow, you will drink from the inner spring, and open your mind to receive the guidance that flows forth from your very core. When the question, “Who are you?” is asked, you will listen in silence to that soft voice within and be encouraged to develop a personal affirmation of your Self – “I Am . . .”

Alternatively, you may choose to search within and create your own affirmation – always affirming the most positive, alive, eternal part of yourself. You may find that your deepest sense of self has religious or spiritual connotations. What’s more, on different days it may seem that you have a different sense of your center: on one day you may sense that “I am Love,” on another, “I am a being of deep wisdom,” and on another, “I am a child of God,” and so forth.

Do not have expectations, you may be in a process of identity shift, especially if you are participating in any personal growth or healing activities. The idea is to not resist, to feel the energy current from your deepest sense of yourself and accept it.

Listen to this track once or twice a day (morning and evening is best for most people. After a few days or more, when you are feeling comfortable going into the state of relaxation and using the power of guided imagery, begin to use Track 2 some of the time. Continue alternating with Track 1, gradually shifting to using only Track 2 most of the time – or, if you wish, listen to Track 2 regularly, going back to Track 1 only occasionally to refresh your connection with Self.

Track 2: The Daily Tuneup insert Time is a shorter experience, designed to hit all the main points of Track 1 in a more high speed fashion for when you don’t have the time to hear all of Track 1. It is designed to be used as a regular, brief morning “tune-up” or at other times when you have only 15 minutes, but want a booster shot for your Self-esteem and personal confidence.

With this track loaded onto your smart phone or MP3 player, you have Dr. Miller with you everywhere. Just sneak around a corner, pop in your earphones and prepare to become centered, confident and deeply at peace within.

Track 3 is a DRIVETIME experience, so you can listen while doing other things. You will be introduced to the concepts of self-esteem and self-acceptance, and valuable ways to integrate them into a personal program for improving your life. As you listen, you will experience the power of knowing and accepting your true inner self.

True Self-esteem is an inside job. It begins with an awareness that there is a great power within (Self-awareness). Understanding and appreciating the value of this gift leads to Self-respect and finally to Self-acceptance, your natural state of consciousness.
Do not be alarmed if you feel uncertain or unclear about who “I Am” is for a while. If no words come to you, simply take a deep breath in, let it out, and accept the silence as it is. This is very important.

Although this is a most powerful part of you, it is also quite sensitive – and if it has been a while since you have conversed with it, it may not be accustomed to speaking, just as you are unaccustomed to listening.

Just know that this is a very important part of you, so simply take the deepest sense of who you are and affirm it. This may change frequently as you listen, and usually this means you are reaching deeper levels of awareness of your true Self. Or you can just use the affirmation “I Am,” to affirm the deepest being within you.

Supplementary and Related Programs:

Experiences for Further Growth
I Can – After using I Am–Awakening Self-Acceptance, the next step will be to become intensely aware of what you have accomplished in the past and that you have the power to accomplish similar – and even much bigger things in the future. This program is the next in the series, and will help you do just this!

The Power of True Self-Esteem – Dr. Miller interviewed by Michael Toms on New Dimensions Radio, exploring the meaning of Self-esteem and the power it can bring into our lives.

Deep Healing – The Essence of Mind-Body Medicine – Dr. Miller’s classic text will help you understand the value of Self-acceptance and how the mind-tools of deep relaxation, self-hypnosis, meditation, and affirmation can bring about healing and optimal performance at every level.

Awakening the Leader Within – As you become aware of your inner power you will very likely want to participate in sharing with others so as to transform your world just as you transform yourself. Through this program you will find the part of you that can join with others in shared leadership (Distributed leadership) of your community and your world.

Writing Your Own Life’s Script – As you become ever clearer about your true identity, who you really are, you will realize there are many changes you want to bring about in your life. This program, as its name suggests, will help you reprogram the behaviors of your mind and your body – so you can become the person you really want to be. Once you really know who you are in the present moment, you can make wise plans for what you want to be in the future.

Rainbow Butterfly – Guided imagery treats you to a wonderful meditation. Imagine that all the stress and insecurity within your mind, body and emotions is but the outer surface of you, a cocoon of tension within which you nurture yourself – soon to emerge as the beautiful butterfly of a soul that you really are. Dr. Miller’s flowing imagery is complemented by the beautiful improvisational harp stylings of master harpist Georgia Kelly.

Inner Child Healing – Your deeper sense of self first develops early in childhood, nurtured by the experience of having people around you that see you as good, beautiful, and capable. When we have, instead, a family that is critical, abusive, and unable to express love, physically or emotionally, the sense of being a truly beautiful and potent being may be delayed, or even fail to develop. This program of guided imagery, meditation, and a Heart-to-Heart talk is designed to give your deeper Self the support it needs. An 11-year-old child (Dr. Miller’s daughter, Aeron) helps guide you at the deepest, most vulnerable level. Especially useful if you have been abused.

Abolish Anxiety – Sometimes there has been sufficient trauma that it is difficult for the mind to focus within in silence. The unremitting tension, anxiety, and mind-chatter prevent the full experience of I Am. This program can help clear that up by helping you to understand and deal with the symptoms and the causes of Anxiety and Panic. It can assist you in overcoming anxiety and panic attacks, as well as provide ongoing anxiety relief if you have chronic anxiety.

Escape From Depression – When symptoms of lethargy, sadness, fatigue, lack of motivation, helplessness, or hopelessness block you from reaching the state of I Am, this program can help you breathe life into your deeper Self.

 Running Time:  71 minutes

ISBN: Digital Download 978-1-61544-387-1


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