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Global Mind Change: Paradigm Shift 102 by Edgar Mitchell


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Dr. Mitchell explores humanity, science, and fulfillment in this recording on what it means to be a human and our place in the universe. Part of a three-lecture series recorded in the 1990s, the messages Dr. Mitchell brings us are perhaps more relevant today than ever.
Excerpt from recording: "I suggest to you that the way we need to look at it is because we are not really physical beings yearning for a spiritual experience. We are in reality eternal creative beings. Creating a physical experience and it takes quite a shift in mindset to get yourself around that one…. For those of you who haven’t heard me before, why is this important? What is it about now, that I would bring this up? What is it about the contemporary period that we live in that perhaps makes this a vital alternative viewpoint to think about and to look at? I will tell you that in the last year I have seldom spoken with a person who did not think that something very strange was going on, who did not think that the world was in a rather major crisis and it seemed to be deepening.”

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Running Time: 128 minutes
ISBN: 978-1-61544-031-3

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Shawn F.
Should be a lesson taught in Schools!

You may have to listen more than once, and you will find something new every time. Reaching into the depths of what we call a Soul, Dr. Mitchell takes you there and sets you down.

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