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Offered at a summer retreat over several days in August and September of 1969 on a farm in New Hampshire, this discussion led by Ram Dass delves deeply into topics that are now generally accepted in many forms of spiritual practice but were life and mind changing at the time, and continue to be profound teachings for all of us. 

Ram Dass covers a wide variety of topics – including how to feed the inner world, vulnerability and humility, choice as an illusion, Kundalini energy, the chakras, concepts in Buddhism and Christianity, deep acceptance, fear of the unknown, surrender, helping others – and presents them using metaphor and real life examples, helping make even the most profound concepts accessible.

Following is a transcribed excerpt from these exciting talks:

"Everything up to there describes the western culture and 99.9% or whatever absurd number of the people of the world never have energy available to them at any center higher than those three, except in just moments, rare moments.

Everybody’s got rare moments. It’s like for almost everybody, it’s all available in the first, second, and third chakra. So you meet somebody who is primarily a first chakra person and what you’re doing is you’re really helping them come into the second chakra. And when they are in the second you are helping them get into the third. You are helping a lustful being develop an ego. And that in a sense is what western religions have become about, the super ego, the super third chakra..."

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Running Time: Approx 10 and 1/2 Hours
ISBN: Digital Download 978-1-61544-141-9

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Very Nice !

Very Nice !

Bill Vassios
I have been listening to

I have been listening to ram dass "talks" for a couple years now and these are some if the most absorbable I have come across. There is a certain intimate vibe that comes across. I close my eyes and I am receiving darshan.

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