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Five Keys to Mastery with George Leonard


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This inspirational program is inspired by George Leonard's Five Keys To Success and features interviews with Carlos Santana, BB King and other highly talented and successful people from all walks of life. The program culminates with an insightful interview with George Leonard himself. The program includes a digital booklet outlining the 5 Keys.

 A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step; follow your bliss; follow your heart; answer your calling; go for it; go for broke; seize the day; give it up; find yourself; do you; keep it real; jump in; play your position; live with passion; be true to yourself. “How can I describe the kind of person who is on a path to mastery? First, I don’t think it should be so dead serious. I think you should understand the joy of it, the fun of it. Being willing to see just how far you can go is the self surpassing quality that we human beings are stuck with. Evolution is a whole long story of mastery.  It’s being real. It’s being human. It’s being who we are.” 

George Leonard, 5th Degree Black Belt and Author

“Most people live and die and they don’t even know what their calling was. Maybe they didn’t take the time to push the pause button. What happens when you find your calling – everything stops and you just see what you’re supposed to do and why you’re supposed to do it. When I heard the first guitar in Tijuana, it made me realize that I have possibilities and opportunities to discover and nothing was gonna stop me. When I saw BB King, it dared me to leave my mom’s house and stop washin’ dishes for a living and just jump at it with no net. No guarantees. Become a full-time musician instead of a weekend musician.”
Carlos Santana, Grammy Winning Musician

“Look, I made a deal. I got given these gifts. Either I was going to make them flourish or I was not going to, and I felt it was a much better deal to take the few gifts I was given and try to expand them. Everybody gets gifts. Everybody.”
Paul Reed Smith, Entrepreneur

“Anything in life you end up following - it picks you.”
Wendy Rieger, TV Journalist

Running Time: 72 minutes
ISBN: Digital Download   978-1-61544-166-2


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Janie Fox
Five Keys to Mastery with George Leonard

George sums it up in a just a few lines. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Follow your bliss. Follow your heart. Answer your calling. Go for it! Go for broke; Seize the day Give it up; Find yourself; Do you; Keep it real; Jump in; Play your position; Live with passion; and be true to yourself. To be the master of your calling, give it all you've got! :)

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