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Finding and Keeping the Love You Want by Harville Hendrix, Ph.D.


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Harville Hendrix has become perhaps the leading expert on relationships -- finding and keeping the love in your life.  In this transcribed excerpt from his workshop on Finding and Keeping the Love You Want, Hendrix talks about how he came upon what has become his life's work.

"I think that my interest in the subject we’re going to have tonight arises out of that correlation between relationship and frustration. It certainly has been true in my own relationships. I’m in a second marriage now for twelve years, having a first marriage of seventeen years, and I will have to say that when I ended my first marriage, I didn’t know why I was divorcing. I do know that I was in a quandary because at the time I was a professor in a university and was teaching a course, a graduate course, on marriage therapy."


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Harville Hendrix is one of the foremost therapists and authors in the world on the subject of relationships.  This presentation explores the role the unconscious plays in choosing a partner and will show you how to avert anguish, stimulate growth, and gain insight to your patterns of attraction and conflict.  You will learn to pinpoint unmet childhood needs and replace self-defeating traits with effective skills.  Whether you’re in a relationship or are having trouble connecting with the right person, this lecture will show you how to get the love you want!

Harville Hendrix, Ph.D., founder and president of The Institute for Relationship Therapy in New York, is a therapist and educator with over 25 years’ experience working with couples.  He is the author of the best selling Getting the Love You Want – A Guide for Couples and Keeping the Love You Find – A Guide for Singles.

“I have learned a lot from Harville Hendrix.  His work is profoundly insightful.” –Marianne Williamson

Running time: 106 minutes

ISBN: Digital Download 978-1-61544-216-4


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Based on 4 reviews
Steven C.
So much great information

This was an excellent lecture and overview of the Imago therapy concepts. I've listened to it several times already. I think everyone should hear this. It's fantastic!

Rene Kriel

Thank you for fast and smooth service, and I love the message given by Harville Hendrix!

Finding and Keeping the Love You Want by Harville Hendrix, Ph.D


Darryl N.
Keeping the Love You Want by Harville Hendrix, Ph.D.,


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