Education, Imagination and Myth with James Hillman - Video and Audio

Education, Imagination and Myth with James Hillman - Video and Audio

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James Hillman is the father of Archetypal Psychology. This rare program focuses on Education, Imagination and Myth with James Hillman. Here is a transcribed excerpt:

"And it's very important for the teacher to allow these things to occur, to feel them, to experience them even to record them so that she or he feels comfortable with the strangeness of the imaginative world with the gods and the demons and the animals and the jungles and the territories that are the source of one's imaginative life.
Unless the teachers comfortable with that he or she will censor and repress or suppress the imaginative life of the pupil. It seems to me that everyone can be re-tread. ▪ We can all get a retread and you unlearn.
I mean, one of the basic things of learning is unlearning what you've learned, not just negative capability, but negative learning learning against what you've learned.
You have to learn the stuff and then you see through it and you unlearn it."

By studying imagination and myth we come to understand ourselves and other humans in surprising ways that frequently diverge sharply from the habitual understandings we have unconsciously absorbed from the cultures in which we were raised. 

Hope you enjoy and please leave a review or comment below.

Note: during the first minute of the program there is an issue with the audio, it then clears up quickly 

Running Time: 1 hours 3 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-63757-057-9

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interesting talk

classic Hillman: an interesting talk.

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