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One of Dr. Miller's original recordings, Easing Into Sleep, is a beautifully-recorded program to fall asleep faster and awake refreshed. Gentle guided imagery is narrated by the soothing voice of Dr. Miller. He offers suggestions that will help lull you into restorative sleep and create the tomorrow you want. Easing into Sleep will help you to off mind-chatter, strengthen your spirit, and slip into the sleep you need to achieve your maximum potential of health and performance.
World-renowned musician, Robert Haig Coxon, accompanies Dr. Miller with sweet music especially composed for this recording. Easing Into Sleep is a wonderful gift for those hard-driving workaholics you know and love, and it’s perfect for those with chronic illness, in hospital, or under stress. Ideal for your iPod, too.

Track 1: Putting the Day to Rest – Reviewing, Rescripting, Spirit and Gratitude - Use this track daily to help close the day, to instruct your mind to stop problem-solving,and release the day with gratitude. Next, Dr. Miller leads you in a guided imagery helps you program your dreams (if you wish) and awaken rested and refreshed at the desired time open to the possibilities of a perfect tomorrow.

Track 2: Sleep Easy - This track contains multiple meditative(link to about meditation) and hypnotic(link about self- hypnosis) procedures to empty your mind, body and emotions of tensions and allow sleep to come naturally. Most users never hear the end of this tape – sleep comes more quickly as you learn to apply the guided imagery and hypnotic techniques.

Track 3: Escape From Insomnia – Releasing The Past – This track presents powerful tools for freeing yourself from the thoughts and feelings about the past that might keep you awake.

Track 4: Escape From Insomnia – Permission to relax - This follow-up to track 3 offers self-hypnotic tools for relaxing and emptying the mind and body of all stress and tension.

Track 5: Beach Dreams – This track takes you to a beautiful beach. You fall asleep on the sand, or wherever you wish.


To help make peace with the day and release stress.
To prepare the mind and body for an easy, restful sleep.
To gently induce a deep state of sleep.
To increase acceptance, self-awareness and inner peace.
To identify and project characteristics and behaviors into the future.

How Easing Into Sleep Works:

It is important to get enough sleep if you want to maintain good health, or return to good health, if you are ill. But few of us realize how very important sleep really is.

Sleep deprivation is almost endemic in our society. In fact, in studies (Gallup), 56% of Americans say that daytime drowsiness is a problem for them, and 34% were found to be “dangerously sleepy.” For high achievers, it’s worse; studies at Stanford University show that 80% of undergraduates, nurses, and medical students were dangerously sleep deprived and at risk of accident and illness.

We all love to sleep, but we don’t do it enough. One reason we don’t sleep is because we fail to see its critical value to us and therefore don’t give it the attention it deserves.We think we don’t have time! Or it may be that we would be willing to give it the time it needs, but the subconscious parts of our nervous system refuse to doze off. We lie in bed, toss and turn, sometimes with an endless series of worries or concerns, sometimes with a discomfort in the body that won’t go away.

Sleep is something we should all be really good at doing – after all, we were born knowing how to do it. The problem is that we are living in an era where there is so much stress that our nervous systems have been shifted to a hypervigilant mode. You may have finished everything you could get done at the end of the day, but as soon as you try to sleep, your mind, thinking that you are still under a scary physical threat, keeps you awake so that you won’t miss the cue of an impending attack by a saber-toothed tiger. Or you are kept awake trying to problem-solve (you would call it "worrying").

In preparing the script for Easing Into Sleep, Dr. Miller integrated techniques from many different sources. Some of the practices of both Zen and Yoga meditation are offered. The procedures of autogenic training are merged with various self-hypnotic suggestions and wrapped in a soft blanket of special music chosen to support falling asleep. Once the body is relaxed, you will clear your mind of unnecessary thinking through what Dr. Miller calls, your "Selective Awareness."

Recommended Applications:

Obsessive behavior, worrying, mind chatter, disturbing thoughts prior to sleep; insomnia, stress, and tension producing difficulties while falling asleep; early morning awakening; sexual dysfunction due to worry; distraction or fatigue due to sleep deprivation or ineffective sleep.
Recommended Use & Detailed Description of Exercises:

Listen to Easing Into Sleep after you have completed all your tasks for the dayPlace the audio player next to your bed and begin it as soon as you slip under the covers. Earphones or an under-pillow speaker give extra privacy if you need it. Your player may be set to go off automatically, or to continuously play . . . in case you should wake up in the night, you can let yourself be guided back into sleep.

To begin, start at Track 1.At the end of Track 1, if you are still awake, you will find that it flows smoothly into Track 2. Likewise Track 2 flows into Track 3 and Track 3 into Track 4. On the other hand, as you become familiar with the particular guided imagery on each part, you may choose whichever track is most attractive or valuable to you and start at that point.

Track 1: Putting the Day to Rest – Reviewing, Rescripting: Spirit, and Gratitude 12:00: Easing Into Sleep begins by offering you the sounds of relaxing music. As you begin to settle into it, Dr. Miller’s soothing voice begins to invite you to think some very relaxing thoughts. Through guided imagery he introduces some very pleasant meditative and deep relaxation experiences. Soon you become much more present, and you feel at peace.

While carefully maintaining this serene state of consciousness, you are gently encouraged to reflect back upon the day. Positive experiences of the day are briefly celebrated, and negative ones are re-scripted – you visualize yourself making different choices and then you let it all go.

Back again in the present moment, you journey back to a happy time or moment in your life Feeling the experience that is evoked by this imagery serves to deepen the sense of presence and peace. As you listen, you will feel more complete about the day so you can have a peaceful sleep and awaken refreshed.

Track 2: Sleep Easy - begins by guiding you, if you are still awake, to a deeper place, to a deep experience of love and gratitude. This tends to quiet the part of the mind that feels needy, desperate, or impatient. From this place you forgive yourself for any shortcomings you may have, committing yourself to improve in the future. Gradually your mind and body are brought more and more into harmony and into the safety of the moment.

Meditative techniques, especially breathing techniques are taught along the way – as you float away to a completely relaxing place of peace.

Throughout this guided imagery, your deeper mind is encouraged to recognize that sleep is natural, and you learn how to give your mind permission to let go into sleep.

Track 3: Escape From Insomnia – Releasing The Past: first teaches you the Tense-Relax technique. By tensing and releasing your fist, you teach your deeper mind what is meant by “relax,” and let it follow suit.

The spiritual themes of acceptance, gratitude, and faith are embedded in the suggestions. Moreover, you learn to cultivate the perspective that the present is the only moment and that all tension is the result of wanting things to be different from what they are – right now!

Track 4: Escape From Insomnia – Permission to relax: If you begin here, you will experience a different relaxation technique, this one is a series of self-hypnotic suggestions presented as guided imagery. The process of progressive relaxation helps you empty both mind and body of stress and tension, so that sleep can happen normally and naturally.

Track 5: Beach Dreams - If you are still awake, you will be guided to a beautiful scene in nature. Dr. Miller’s words will paint the image of going to the beach, but if you prefer a different image, go ahead and visualize that one. Ignore the specific meaning of Dr. Miller’s words, but let the tone of his voice and the harmony of the music support your own special image.
Running Time:  66 minutes
ISBN: Digital Download 978-1-61544-382-6

Supplementary and Related Programs:

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Deep Healing – The Essence of Mind-Body Medicine - Dr. Miller’s classic text presenting both the theory and the practice of the techniques of mind-body healing.
Contraindications and Precautions:
Although there are really no absolute contraindications for the use of this product, people who are severely psychotic or who do not want to at least try to follow the guidance offered will probably benefit little from listening. Listening is also not a substitute for needed medical care or psychiatric care for serious mental or emotional disturbance. In any undiagnosed potentially serious condition such as a head injury, again, there will not likely be any harm, but it would be wise to delay their use until an adequate diagnosis has been made. Although no such problems have been reported, people with seizures of any kind, or neurological or with severe neurorespiratory disease, should check with their primary care practitioner for suggestions regarding the use of this program. Likewise, if you are undergoing psychotherapy, share your use of these with your therapist, as he/she may want to integrate this use with your treatment. And, of course, if you are driving or using equipment that requires your full attention, do not close your eyes and do not listen to any program that you find causes you to become drowsy, distracted, or incapable of functioning safely. Programs designated as “Drivetime” should be used with these precautions in mind.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
M. Cummings
Very calming!

Good to listen to while winding down for the night. The title says it all.
Such a calming voice.

Tim Ruprecht
Sleep restored

Following a diagnosis of cancer I was having trouble sleeping through the night. This product and other cancer specific products have restored my sleep patterns and have kept me calm and present during my treatment. Truly amazing

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