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Deconstructing Anxiety Online Course with Todd Pressman


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A groundbreaking, cutting-edge seminar for rapidly uncovering the root causes of anxiety. You will learn never-before-presented techniques for releasing the resistances that keep anxiety alive, getting at their source and transforming them into a sense of high purpose and meaning.

There is a “core fear” at the root of all anxiety, expressing itself in five major universal themes of loss:

abandonment (loss of love)

loss of identity

loss of meaning

loss of purpose (the chance to express oneself )

fear of death (including fear of pain)

We develop our primary defenses as our best attempt to protect ourselves from these fears, but always at too great a cost. This leaves us constantly holding vigil, on the lookout for the resurfacing of the threat. We build our entire personality upon this fear-defense dynamic. When it gets out of control, an anxiety disorder develops.

The theory and techniques offered in this workshop will teach you how to uncover the core fear and chief defense quickly and reliably. Armed with this knowledge, new strategies for dismantling the chief defense have proven extremely successful. Participants will undergo the actual techniques being presented, making for a rich and highly experiential presentation. Come prepared for an exciting adventure into the deepest regions of the unconscious, where the hidden fears at the source of our clients’ difficulties live, making them available for rapid and deep transformation.

Here are some testimonials you might want to include with the description:

“One of the most exciting things I’ve come across in a long time.” — G.S., Program Director

“A whole new perspective on anxiety.” — J.P., Ph.D.

“Extraordinarily important!” — P.D., Ph.D.

“By far the best seminar I’ve attended.” — L.P., Ph.D

"Ingenious...Outstanding....this is worth the world’s attention.”— Stanley Krippner., Ph.D.

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