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Dads and Daughters Fathers and Sons by John Lee


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In this powerful lecture John Lee explores the father wound not only for men as he usually does, but for women as well.  He opens his lecture by stating that through all his years of recovery work, most men and women that he has come into contact with have little or no emotional connection with their fathers. Men tend to treat that lack of connection with addiction, denial, or try to deal with their fathers through the way they treat other men. Women tend to deal with it by turning the men in their lives into their fathers, and both men and women tend to stay in a somewhat childlike state. Join John Lee in this powerful talk on Fathers' relationships with their children.
Total Run Time: 2:17:00
ISBN: 978-1-61544-856-2
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Katrina Chester
always love his authentic approach, from a real place.

He is somewhere in the middle of a psychologist's viewpoint, mixed with the greats of modern day Mythology within family relationships and personality dynamics like a Robert Bly. All saying the same thing yet every individual expression helps individual and collective perceptions shifts -while also not getting stuck in one. Not a lot but there ARE some amazing ones, who can embody humble viewpoints, candid talk, sharing real life practice from within the fire, themselves. Grateful. I can't imagine taking teachings from someone who isn't revealing their own current struggles and neurosis as part of all our human teachings - the gifts we give to each other. John Lee, to me, is part of a wave of great seekers who truly work toward integrating the sacred ritual and initiation, ceremony, and all that can open for us as humans, today!

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