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Cyber Safety For Parents In The Digital Age - Melissa Straub

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In today’s technological age, parents and educators face a daunting task of raising their children free of constant negative influence. Access to undesirable people and information is prevalent and extremely difficult to monitor. This is exacerbated by the fact that most kids are more proficient and comfortable with technology than their parents.

Consequently, parents need to educate themselves on the danger today’s children face from this constantly connected online world.

In an effort to educate and empower parents to keep a better watch over their children, High Impact Youth and WisdomFeed present:

Cyber Safety For Parents and Educators in the Digital Age online training has been created by Melissa Straub, expert in the field of online education and safety for children and young people.

Course Outline
Module 1: Introduction To The Digital World, Devices and Connectivity
(Melissa's popular presentation to parents and educators)
- Teen Stats
- Technology Addiction
- Digital Drivers License
- Permanence of Data

Module 2: Part 1: Digital Parenting & Practical Cyber Security
- Basic Security Measures
- Having the "Tech Talk"
Module 2: Part 2: Online Predators & Sexual Solicitation
- Associated Risks
- Behaviors To Look Out For
Module 2: Part 3: Sexting
- How is Sexting Defined?
- What To Do If A Child Is Exposed
Module 2: Part 4: Cyber Bullying
- What are some of the Signs?
- What Parents can do
Module 3: Part 4: Tips and tools to keep your children safer online.
- Where To Start
- Technology Solutions
- Frequently Asked Questions

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