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How you can get a deep, restful night’s sleep through Guided Imagery, Self Hypnosis, and Theta Wave Stimulation

Goodbye Insomnia has quickly become one of our Bestselling programs!  Beautiful flute melodies by Ambika and serene harp performances are woven through Dr. Miller’s gentle hypnotic guidance on this recording will bring you to total relaxation. As you slip beneath the covers each night, this program helps clear your mind of worry, ruminations, and tension while you relax and allow yourself to be guided into a deep, soothing sleep and wake up refreshed. 

Guide yourself past insomnia and program your mind while you sleep using the powerful tools of self-hypnosis, meditation, guided imagery, and theta wave synchronization. Deep tones are embedded subliminally within the beautiful music and Dr. Miller’s soothing voice sequencing positive images that will  guide you to restful slumber.

Track 1 - Bedtime Meditation_ Self-Reinforcement and Deep Sleep - takes you on a guided imagery journey. You will get to a state of deep relaxation then to a level of hypnosis where you will be able to communicate with the deeper levels of your mind and nervous system. You will then instruct your mind what dreams you wish to have, and in what state of mind you wish to awaken.

Track 2 - Goodbye Insomnia! - features a long series of self-hypnotic suggestions to induce a sleep-like state that allows you to empty your mind and calm your body. Slowly you will slip off into a deep and restful slumber. (Few people have ever heard the end of this program!)

· To help make peace with the day and lay its cares and worries aside

· To relieve stress and prepare the mind and body for deep sleep

· To induce sleep through theta wave synchronization technology

· To help choose your desired dreams

· To induce the sleep state through hypnotic, meditative, and guided imagery processes

· To project desirable behaviors into the future through guided imagery

· To enable you to awaken in the morning feeling rested

Description of Tracks:
Track 1 – Bedtime Meditation: Self-Reinforcement and Deep Sleep:
An effective way to reinforce the positive aspects of the day, project future behaviors, choose healing dreams you want your subconscious to focus on, and slip into a serenely peaceful sleep.

As you listen, you will reframe the stressful events of your day, transform them into positive images. This induced stress reduction will help to provide a serene night’s rest. Meanwhile, the confidence and awareness of your personal potential are buoyed and better able to serve you successfully as you meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Once you feel rested and complete you are led, effortlessly, to envision a successful tomorrow.

Meanwhile, below the level of conscious perception, subsonic musical tones are woven through a remarkably beautiful tapestry of music and imagery – different tones in each ear. You can’t hear them, but your subconscious does. Because the tones differ slightly in frequency, your brain resolves them into first alpha waves, and then, as the tones change subtly, into the theta waves that lead to soothing sleep (41:42)

Track 2 - Goodbye Insomnia:
As an alternative to Track I, and especially useful for those occasions when you are experiencing a great deal of difficulty falling asleep, Track 2 offers a longer and deeper sequence of deep breathing exercises, muscle tension release experiences, deep relaxation techniques, self-affirmation suggestions and soothing guided imagery. Through the use of these time-honored tools for quieting your mind and body, you can expect to fall asleep long before the images and suggestions fade into the lovely harp music that continues to the end of this track.
How to use the “Goodbye Insomnia”program
A perfect companion to Dr. Miller’s “Easing Into Sleep” program, this CD is one of the “Dr. Miller Classic” series, and is favored by many listeners. This is due, in part, to the exquisite flute stylings from Ambika that accompany its poetic imagery.
Because insomnia is often a reoccurring phenomenon, many listeners find it valuable to alternate this program with “Easing Into Sleep” for variety; apparently the subconscious mind enjoys a change from time to time!
The two different experiences offered on this program will teach you some basic hypnotic and meditative techniques to apply in the process of inducing the sleep state. In addition, the addition of binaural beat frequencies serves to synchronize the two hemispheres of the brain, creating the alpha and theta wave frequencies that accompany deep sleep.

This program may be used alone (many people find its use alone allows them to get the sleep they need), or it may be used in combination with any other sleep aid (medication, warm bath, melatonin, etc.). Gradually, you will learn how to take control of your thoughts, images, emotions, and body, skills that will serve you during your waking hours as well. Soon you may find you can easily guide yourself to sleep without any other sleep aids, simply by giving yourself the suggestions you need.

A Suggested Prescription for Training Your Mind to Sleep on Cue
Listen every night at bedtime for two weeks or so in order to train your subconscious mind to follow this relaxing pathway into sleep. Once you have accomplished this, you may choose to listen every other night.
If you are able to induce sleep easily even on the nights you are not listening, then after two more weeks, use the recording only about twice a week. After another two weeks or so you should be able to induce sleep any time you wish by just automatically giving yourself the self-hypnotic suggestions that were most valuable while you were listening.
If you have trouble with any of these steps, then go back to the previous step for as long as you need. In fact, if you wish, you can listen every night – forever.

When To Listen
Use immediately before going to sleep. Place the player next to you on a night table (if possible) and push the “Play” button as you slip under the covers. Earphones or an under-pillow speaker give extra privacy and immediacy to the experience. If using “earbuds”, and you sleep on your side, remove the earbud from your lower ear if it feels uncomfortable against the pillow.
How This Program Works
The purpose is to enable you to take charge of your life, to enable you to become more responsible for your actions, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors – and especially, for your sleep. Your mind belongs to you – you have the right and the power to decide what you want your mind to be doing. You should be in charge whether it is solving a problem, playing games, or simply letting go of unnecessary activity, relaxing, slipping into sleep, and letting your physical body (especially your brain), have the sleep it needs.

The part of your mind (the part usually associated with the left side of the brain) that keeps you awake functions much like a digital computer. All it knows is how to analyze, compare, criticize, and judge. This kind of behavior tends to require consciousness and alertness.

But your subconscious mind brings up all the stressors and challenges of your day and keeps you awake in case something goes wrong in the imaginary events being projected into your mind by the subconscious!

Metaphorically speaking, your brain has been programmed, through the experiences you’ve had in your life, to keep working, working, working. And when not working, it turns to worrying, worrying, worrying.

The goal is to reprogram the subsystem of the brain (the amygdala, the hippocampus, and the prefrontal cortex). Each time you listen, you will be exposing your subconscious to a way of approaching the world with an attitude of acceptance, gratitude, and serenity – and thereby opening the door to sleep.

Recommended For:
These recordings are for people who have difficulty falling asleep or who wake in the wee hours of the morning and can’t fall back asleep. And they may help with sexual dysfunction secondary to worry, or with the morning fatigue due to ineffective sleep. Those who wish to guide their dreams may find Track 1 helpful.

Additional Tips and Tools For Sleeping Well
Combat Premature Waking
If one of your problems is that you tend to awaken in the middle of the night, set the unit for repeat play and listen to the recording again. Wherever the guidance is at the moment you awaken, you will probably find it is at exactly the point you need to hear in order to slip quickly into a peaceful slumber. Alternatively, you may have the track shut off at the end, then restart it if you awaken early. The training you give yourself at the beginning of the night by listening will serve you well if you awaken early – for you will have basically reprogrammed your mind to respond to these suggestions.

When will I see Results?
Although many people find that the imagery works immediately, some take longer. STICK WITH IT. You have the most to gain from learning the self-programming tools offered in this program to train your subconscious mind. Listen until your subconscious mind “gets it.”

If Symptoms Persist
If you find this program does not produce as much sleep as you think you need, or if you find that fatigue or other symptoms continue even after you are getting a full 7-9 hours of sleep, see the Recommended Adjunctive SFTM Programs and other Resources suggested below, and consider consulting your Primary Health Care Provider.

Use With Medication or Other Treatment Modality
Feel free to use this product with any other sleep improvement program you and your healthcare specialist choose. When in doubt check with your specialist.Running Time: 

ISBN: 978-1-61544-825-8

Running Time: 1hr 16mins

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Ruby Williams
Goodbye Insomnia

I really like the Goodbye Insomnia .. It doesn't fail to put me to sleep. I while back I had a cassette tape titled Easing into sleep and I couldn't play it anymore
because it is hard to find a cassette player so I am thrilled that the Goodbye Insomnia is the same content as my old Easing in to sleep although when I try to stream it would play only after several tries but eventually it works.

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