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Chrysalis Encountered with Marion Woodman

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Toronto analyst Marion Woodman explores the body/spirit relationship, the withdrawing of projection, gender issues, and the surrender of the ego to the Self as these themes relate to personal transformation.

"The whole, however, had become more than the sum of its parts. The parts concentrate on the periods in the chrysalis when life as we have known it is over. No longer who we were, we know not who we may become. We experience ourselves as living mush, fearful of the journey down the birth canal. The whole has to do with the process of psychological pregnancy—the virgin forever a virgin, forever pregnant, forever open to possibilities."

Total Run Time: 78 minutes

3 reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Clare Healy
Chrysalis Encounteered Marion Woodman

Brilliant as Marion is always. Good quality, easy listening.

josie Cohen
Chrysalis encountered. Marion Goodman

Excellent thank you.
Wonderful work. Please keep it up.

a welcome effort to preserve Marion Woodman's legacy

This constitutes a welcome effort to preserve Marion Woodman's legacy that lives on mostly in old tapes. I learnt much from these tapes and I hope many more to be released soon.

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