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Beauty Without Nature Re-imagining the City by James Hillman


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In this thought provoking recording, internationally recognized Jungian teacher and theorist James Hillman, Ph.D., author of The Soul’s Code and Re-Visioning Psychology, proposes the 21st Century’s “new urbanism”, one that integrates city and nature into a harmonious whole.

Says Hillman: “We are running out of nature! What beach isn’t marred by tar and plastic: what river not bordered by campers and vans: what National Park not become a trailer park?… Even the night sky fades because of light pollution and birdsong drowns in the traffic’s roar. Yet we still go to nature for a beauty that restores the soul. The wall between city and nature must come down….”

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Running Time: 85 minutes
ISBN: 978-1-61544-024-5

4 reviews

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Based on 4 reviews
Karen Benson
Essential ideas; essential to hear them

Hillman's inspiring talk sparks new questions to explore as we encounter everyday life. He crams ideas, examples, and possibilities into his talk and then connects them up in an aesthetic way. He pushes me to open up and to look and see in new ways. His ideas are essential..

Patricia Cashman
Thurman/Basic Buddhsim

Anything but basic, it is a gem. If you enjoy Bob and his deep intellect and humor, this is for you. Enjoy!

Helen M.
The Profound integrity of the mind of JH

For me, the thoughts that flow from the heart of James Hillman have been the most profound and deep messages I have received from another human being in my life.

Great listen.

James Hillman seems a tad cynical, but that is quite appropriate for his experience, knowledge and age! I myself live in the country surrounded by "nature" including wildlife that poop on the lawns and eat all the flowers. The stars shine brightly without the hindrance of lights and the air is fresh and pure. When I look out the window I think that the view is what city dwellers like to recreate - scenes in decorating magazines. Land is cheap here, and people move away to get to noise and pollution. I do that too from time to time. I paint to take the views with me when I go. Anyhow, interesting take on it all and the fact that James saw fit to speak on such a subject.

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