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Basic Buddhism with Robert Thurman


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Robert Thurman's Basic Buddhism is a collective series of 5 lectures he has given on Buddhism.  In these lectures, Thurman patiently takes apart each jewel of Buddhism: the Buddha as the teacher of enlightenment, the Dharma as the teaching, or enlightenment itself, and the Sangha as the historical and current community of learners seeking to become Buddhas.

Topics Included:

  • Who Was Buddha?
  • Vadrayana
  • Buddhism and The Sangha
  • Mahyana
  • Dharma of Buddha

Running time:  Approx. 8.5 hours

ISBN Digital Download978-1-61544-565-3

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Sari Henry
Mr. Thurman is obviously very

Mr. Thurman is obviously very intelligent and an expert in his field. This course, however, is not as basic as I would have liked as at many points i find I am unable to follow him. That said I am very glad I purchased this and will listen to it a few more times in hopes to catch on to the intricacies with repeated listening.

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