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Each of us is born with a unique gift, an authentic voice waiting to be heard. Regardless of the work you do–artist or housewife, bus driver or entrepreneur–this creative power is your genius. Once you learn to tap into this power, and tell the truth about who you are, your life can be transformed. Find your connection between desire, creativity, and spirituality, and how together they can be forces of productivity, self-awareness, and transformation.


ISBN: 978-1-61544-619-3

Running Time - 50:19

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Sharyl Volpe
The Seekers Forum conversations with

The Seekers Forum conversations with Mark Matousek always make a huge impression. This one, Awakening Genius in particular, may sound daunting -- but the truth is, we all have it. We are all born with it. You just need to learn how to see it. Just listen.

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