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Aphrodite’s Revenge: Dark Eros and Pink Magic with James Hillman and Thomas Moore


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In this never before released audio program, the founder of Archetypal Psychology, James Hillman and Thomas Moore, author of Care of The Soul deliver an incredible listening experience.

This event featured lecture periods interspersed with rich back and forth conversation. These 2 best selling authors cover many topics including psychology, Aphrodite, Soul, Priapus (minor god of fertility) and more.

   The goddess Aphrodite represented for the Greeks the sacredness of beauty and sexuality – not the only aspect of the feminine, certainly, but an essential one.

   Modern man has an accumulated debt to Aphrodite on which she is today exacting payments at a furious rate. It is as if she were actually demanding our souls for all the centuries that they were denied to her by Judeo-Christian repression. But we pay her back best in the true coin of Aphrodite. To pay her in the guise of soul-indulgences cheats the real cost. It is more comforting to visit her planetary house in the name of anima development than it is to suffer the venereal evils, entanglements, perversions, revenges, furies, and soporific pleasures for her sake alone. - James Hillman

Total Time: 3 hours 40 minutes

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two icons of the mythopoetic movement teach

this is a very welcome effort to preserve the legacy of the mythopoetic movement of decades past that survive mostly in old tapes no longer for sale. I hope more of these old tapes may be revived in digital form soon so I can learn more

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