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Addiction to Perfection with Marion Woodman


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Through case studies, dreams, and myths, a Jungian analyst explores the hidden causes of compulsion in the lives of men and women. At the root of eating disorders, substance abuse, and other addictive and compulsive behaviors, Woodman sees a hunger for spiritual fulfillment. The need to experience a sacred connection to an energy greater than their own drives people to search for an illusory ideal of perfection. Through discussions of parenthood, creativity, and body image, this presentation shows that freedom from addiction can be found by discovering the wisdom and power of the feminine principle.

Total run time: 5 hours 25 minutes

ISBN:  978-1-61544-997-2 

4 reviews

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Based on 4 reviews
Shedding light on the hidden drive towards perfection

Beautiful, deep insights into the unconscious drive for perfection delivered clearly in an easy to understand way. Thank you for making this rare recording of a Marion Woodman workshop available to us in a time when we need wisdom such as this more than ever. It is much easier to understand the ideas by listening to these talks instead of reading the books.

preserving Marion Woodman's legacy.

This is a welcome effort to preserve Marion Woodman's legacy that mostly survives in old taped lectures. I learnt a lot from these tapes so I hope more are forthcoming.

Kathryn Staecker
Breakthrough consciousness!

Marion Woodman was a brilliant and compassionate healer. She combines the body, soul and mind in an inspiring perspective on being human.

Catalina Roel


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