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Accepting Change and Moving On: Healing through Loss and Letting Go with Dr. Emmett Miller


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Dealing with loss is one of our most difficult challenges. The loss of possessions, social status, a loved one, or even the imminent loss of your own life can be difficult to deal with. Until we change our self image and our image of the world, our emotions and ego defense mechanisms can burden us and prevent us from what we really need to do.

This program was developed after months of meditation on Tao Te Ching, the Taoist classic that celebrates emptiness and balance. "30 spokes has the wheel, it is the hole in the center that makes it useful. A house is constructed of wood, but it has no value without windows and doors . . . What is not there enables us to use what is there." An intriguing philosophical, as well as a practical experience.

Part A—Dr. Miller’s wise guidance and soothing voice are layered into a bed of beautiful music, creating a thoroughly serene experience that enables mind and body to let go.

Part B—A journey through your life, past, present and future, letting go of all that it is wise for you to release now.

Purpose of Accepting Change and Moving On:

To help accept major change, loss or separation.

To build a mental, emotional, and physical state which can ease the pain of loss and promote a whole and health-promoting self-image.

To lead into meditation, even when there is no situation of loss, when the goal is simply to clear the mind and enter the present – a meditation on breath based on readings from the Tao T Ching.

Recommended For:

Loss of a spouse, family member, or friend; terminal illness; surgical loss; major business setback, or material loss; loss and separation associated with aging, menopause, reduced physical or mental abilities; separation or divorce; accepting and allowing loss as a natural part of life’s harmony, and recognizing the opportunities for renewal. Meditation training, especially compatible with Taoist, Zen, and Vipassana disciplines.

 Recommended Use:

 Use one to three times a day as desired. Listen to Part A five to ten times before using Part B. Practice with Side A will make Side B more effective.

 Description of Exercises:

 Part A – Emptying Breath and Stillness:  

A deeply relaxing experience teaches you to focus on the letting go that occurs with each breath. This experience helps you reawaken your awareness that letting go can be both a comforting and a freeing experiences. You’ll learn how to use the releasing phase of breathing to let go of feelings and thoughts. (30:00)

Part B – Release and Renewal:  

This experience allows you to increase your ability to let go, to release specific aspects or items in your life. This may be a relationship, habits, material possessions, or attitudes – anything that you want to release. In this experience you will discover the peace of completion and the opportunities for renewal that come from the experience of letting go. Waterfall sounds help you relax.

Running Time:  59 minutes

ISBN: Digital Download 978-1-61544-376-5
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