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Every life is a work of fiction. We construct our personal myth from the random facts that life presents us, connecting dots to make a shape, devising plots from circumstance, changing characters, fashioning conflicts, adjusting structure, settings, and themes, as our lives unfold over time.


“What’s Your Story?” is a fascinating investigation of this storytelling process and what it can teach us about who we really are. As Matousek says, “When you tell the truth, your story changes. When your story changes, your life is transformed.” The best selling memoirist and teacher guides listeners on a journey of self-discovery through personal writing, posing questions we don’t often ask ourselves in the course of everyday life.


Who am I? What do I believe? What do I fear and also desire? What are my secrets? Where is my shame? When do I feel most alive and authentic? Where does my true voice come from? What is my genius? What do I love? How can I update my story? These are some of the questions Mark Matousek presents in these seven informative, accessible lessons for writers and non-writers alike. As a teacher and author, he brings three decades’ experience to guide you on your path to a more authentic life.


ISBN: 978-1-61544-636-0

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Running Time: 

Session 1: Who Am I?- 66:41 min

Session 2: Finding Your Inner Refuge- 43:01 min

Session 3: Fear and Desire- 38:20 min

Session 4: The Quest for Meaning that Truly Matters to You- 48:09 min

Session 5: The Mystery of Love- 51:19 min

Session 6: Intention and Power – Creating from Your Inner Source- 35:24 min

Session 7: Awakening Genius – Discovering your Unique Gift- 35:42 min

Total - 5 hrs 35 min

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Sharon Gilbertson
Listening to a chapter a

Listening to a chapter a day while driving across town. Very helpful, enjoying very much.

Ingrid Kincaid
I love the programs that

I love the programs that Mark Matousek offers. Easy to follow, great value for the money and I always appreciate that he offers something as a gift. I highly recommend his work for anyone who is a writer, thinking about being a writer or afraid to start. Mark is just what it takes. Ingrid

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