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Peak Experiences and The New Human with Colin Wilson


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Bestselling author Colin Wilson has long pursued the nature of Peak Experiences, and here are the results of his 40-year investigation. Through a wealth of engaging anecdotes, he reveals how the Peak Experiences of such historical figures as Yeats, Blake, and Sartre, among others, influenced their work. Plus, he offers clues to unlocking this spiritual power in our own lives.

ISBN: 978-1-61544-982-8

Total Run Time: 6 Hours

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Based on 2 reviews
rare recording of a niche author easy to appreciate

I wasn't familiar with Wilson before, but I trusted BetterListen and I gave him a try. The lecture is highly provocative and interesting so I learnt to appreciate Wilson.

Alfonso Montuori
Listening to Colin Wilson is a joy

Colin Wilson was an enormously prolific and entertaining writer, but also ver thoughtful and provocative. There are actually not many recordings of him, as far as I know (different times) so these are essential for any Wilson-lovers. He is a man of his time, with some of the prejudices of earlier days, but overall a tremendous treat.

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