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On Authentic Presence

The following excerpt is from Chogyam Trungpa’s classic and masterful text Shambhala: The Sacred Path of the Warrior.  From the chapter on “Authentic Presence”, Trungpa defines for us exactly what authentic presence is — how it comes to be and how it affects ourselves and the world around us.   Achieving the realization of the […]

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On Fear

Today we are pleased to bring to you this excerpt from Smile at Fear: A Retreat with Pema Chodron.  We all have fears, but when we look closely at them, we discover that behind each fear resides a basic fear of ourselves.  Take the journey with Pema Chodron and discover what is inside of your fear. […]

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Diane Musho Hamilton—What is Enlightenment?

What is enlightenment? According to Diane Musho Hamilton, Zen teacher, enlightenment is “the awakening to the reality that you aren’t fundamentally separate and your identification as a limited separate self is just one tiny minuscule perspective of what is.” Elaborating on this thought, she says “enlightenment is the recognition that your nature is nothing other […]

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A Zen Approach to Conflict Resolution

Seasoned mediator Diane Hamilton provides the skill set you need to engage conflict with wisdom and compassion, and even—sometimes—to be grateful for it. Mindfulness Audio Programs | Best Sellers | Free & Special Offers Sign up for our newsletter and receive WisdomFeed’s Mindfulness Welcome Pack courtesy of Better Listen!

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