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What You Should Know About History Of Alchemy

Over two thousand years ago, the practice of Alchemy first became known, based on what remains of the ancient writings and holy texts from several cultures.  Alchemy is, both in theory and in practice, a duality; acting as both a spiritual and tangible science.  It deals with the attainment and understanding of knowledge.  Understanding of […]

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What is Depth Psychology?

Depth psychology is the study of unconscious mental processes and motives, particularly in how it relates to psychoanalytic theory and practice.  The approach strives to bring the concept of soul into the forefront, although it is not based on any religious foundation.  The approach, founded by Carl Jung and Pierre Janet and inspired by Freud […]

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Introduction to Jungian Archetypes

Jungian archetypes can be seen in many aspects of our lives from the most ancient of mythologies to the shows and movies we watch and the books we read, to the roles we take on and play out in our day to day lives.  Once we begin to recognize these archetypes, we can use that […]

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James Hillman on Changing the Object of Our Desire

In this TreeTalk video, James Hillman discusses the psychology of desire. James Hillman was an American psychologist. He studied at, and then guided studies for, the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich. He founded a movement toward archetypal psychology and retired into private practice, writing and traveling to lecture, until his death at his home in Connecticut.

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