Leadership In The Digital Age - How to Transform Your World 

Applying Dr. Miller’s teachings is like finally finding the remote control for your mind!

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What we have to do to transform our world is really quite simple according to Dr. Emmett Miller. Four decades ago Emmett Miller and his colleagues created the fields of Mind-Body Medicine and Psychology and introduced the world to the tools of mindfulness, meditation, and guided imagery that are today becoming mainstream.

In this fascinating online program we take an honest look beyond the pitiful leadership the cultures and nations on earth are experiencing and learn what we need to do to get the leaders and the leadership we want. The leadership that will help us create the future we want . . . one that works for everybody.



First, we have to recognize the fundamental

problem: that we are living in a very complex modern world, but the important decisions are being made by a primitive part of the brain evolved to live in the very different world of 500,000 years ago.



Dr. Miller will show us exactly how our decisions are being driven by the paleocortex (the limbic system) that is driving us through emotional reactions, prejudices, and illusions to behave in ways that are exactly the opposite of we need. Of course, our world and our lives are majorly screwed up.
You will learn how we are experiencing a kind of mass hypnosis, with an army of “attention engineers” who understand how to manipulate our beliefs and our behaviors. Through “Public Relations” (the euphemism given to the science of propaganda) we are told lies, sold “stuff” that we don’t really want, and induced to elect and tolerate “leaders” who do not have our best interests in mind. Is it any wonder why we are being led inexorably to cede the reins of power to fools, narcissists, and megalomaniacs?

Dr. Miller will then share with you the open secret of how to free yourself from this trance and create your own intentional trance, the Healing State, and how to use it to access your personal wisdom and power to choose wisely. Finding your own inner wisdom, power, and agency you can then Awaken the Leader Within.
In touch with your true values, your personal mission, the techniques Dr. Miller teaches enable you to apply your talents, skills, and gifts to create a new kind of leadership, with leaders who support the things you love and believe in, like integrity, fairness, freedom, and trustworthiness.
Finally, we will look at the Neuroscience of Leadership, and what Dr. Miller calls “distributed leadership,” a means for connecting deeply with others, discovering collective intelligence and evoking of collective wisdom.
To explore this new form of leadership and learn the powerful techniques Dr. Miller has developed in 50 years of studying how to transform bodies, minds, and lives, check out Awakening the Leader Within and Healing Our Planet. For his guidance on how to heal yourself, check out Letting Go of Stress, Healing Journey, and Writing Your Own Life’s Script.

Leadership In The Digital Age

by Emmett Miller

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  • This program is chock-full of thought provoking wisdom and real life takeaways, it is sure to enhance the way you look at leadership in a new and unique way!

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Dr. Emmett Miller helped create the field of mind/body medicine. To learn about the healing power of your own consciousness, go to the source. Anyone reading this book will come away not just healthier and more whole, but blessed.


Larry Dossey, M.D.   Author, Healing Words and Prayer Is Good Medicine


"As I got further in my career I realized the importance of focusing and concentrating on my skills. Through Dr. Miller's books and tapes I have enhanced and bettered my talents."


 Ronnie Lott   Sportscaster, Former San Francisco 49ers Star

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Leadership In The Digital Age

by Emmett Miller

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Leadership In The Digital Age

by Emmett Miller



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