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The Art of Dying Conference- Package 3 - All Lectures, Panels, and Workhop Series

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The Art of Dying Conference- Package Three- All Lectures, Panels, and Workhop Series
This collection of audio features workshops from the Art of Dying Conference held in NYC in April of 2015. The Art of Dying is the 5th installment of a conference that brings together important innovators, researchers and authors in the fields of death and dying, including practitioners in the areas of palliative and hospice care. Many are trained in modern medicine and work directly with the dying or bereaved. Others speak from the wisdom of traditional teachings, while still others share with us their own deeply personal accounts.
This collection includes the following lectures and panel discussions... 
  • Discovering "The Undiscovered Country:" How Facing Death Brings Life- Robert Thurman
  • A Taste for the Eternal, Preparing for Death through Experience of the Timeless- Thomas Moore
  • A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife- Eben Alexander
  • Returning Sacredness to the Dying Process-Henry Fersko-Weiss
  • A Nonlocal Consciousness, Based on Scientific Study of Near Death Experience- Pim van Lommel
  • Suffering and Choice at the End of Life- Judith Kennedy Schwartz
  • End-of-Life Experiences and Their Contribution to our Understanding of Consciousness- Peter Fenwick
  • The NYU Psilocybin Project- Stephen Ross
  • Near-Death and End-of-Life Experiences- Eben Alexander
  • The Future of End-of-Life Care- Leslie Blackhall
And the following workshops...
  • Mapping the Journey: Re-Envisioning Decisions About Care at the End of Life- Leslie Blackhall 
  • The Art of Dying and the Art of Living - Robert A.F. "Tenzin" and Robert Thurman
  • Death and the Afterlife Journey in Kabbalah, Practical Guidelines for Hospice and Bereavement Work- Simcha Raphael
  • Alchemical Wisdom: A NeuroImaginal Listening Practice to Support the End- of-Life Process- Gary Malkin 
  • Death and Dying in Tibetan Medicine and Buddhism- Kunchok Gyaltsen
  • How Do We Want to Die?- Peter Fenwick 
  • Transcendent States of Conscious Awareness- Eben Alexander
  • Death As Metamorphosis of Life: Anthroposophical Soul Work- Ralph White 
  • What Do You Mean Dying?- Leslie Blackhall 
  • Psychedelic Therapy and Death Anxiety- Stephen Ross 
  • The Effects of Compassionate Presence- Jeanne Denney 
  • Engagement with Death and Dying- Kunchok Gyaltsen 


For the a listing of all the programs from the art of dying conference follow this link here
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Tessa Kleeman
love it -- the spirirt,

love it -- the spirirt, energy, enthusiasm and knowledge that was expressed at this unique gathering is infectious for a listener to these important recordings.

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