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Remembering Dick Gregory

Early on in my career I had the good fortune to be a part of the expansion of the human potential movement. The human potential movement was really born out of the 60’s “getting back to the land,” healthy living and the civil rights movements. George Leonard, a profound author who wrote extensively about education and human […]

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The Purpose of Our Lives

I have learned a lot over the years from Anthony “Tony” Robbins. His insight and keen understanding have helped me in different stages of and aspects of my life. Similar after a few years ago discovering Brendon Burchard’s YouTube channel I have appreciated another voice of giving direction. Tony and Brendon are having success in […]

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How Does Siddhartha Find the Middle Path

The story of Siddhartha teaches us that you do not have to be a monk to attain spiritual enlightenment. While the material world tempts us with worldly treasures, and often ensnare us with distractions pulling us away from our true selves, there is a way back to center. The natural world is all around us, and […]

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Mindfulness 101

What is Mindfulness?   Mindfulness aims to solve the problem of going through life in a sleepwalking, oblivious, unaware manner. The dangerous thing about awareness is that we don’t notice we’re unaware until we become aware! Therefore, we must always assume that we can be more aware then we currently are. Broadly speaking, mindfulness refers to the […]

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