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Jesus, The Master Artist with Michael Bernard Beckwith

Cover-MichaelBeckwith-JesusMasterArtist-BLThis electrifying excerpt from a service at Agape International Spritual Center recorded Easter 2008 brings us right into the room as Michael Bernard Beckwith invites attendees to participate in a celebration of spirit.

Take a look around for a second and look at the shape of spiritual beauty that is revealing and manifesting and reflecting the image and likeness of God in myriad ways this morning. As you look around, just take in this awesome site. As you hear the inaudible…  hear that inaudible vibration move through our choir, feel the motion of the universe move through the movement of Agape, and feel the divine pulsating through your own heartbeat. I welcome you to the Agape International Spiritual Center, a non-local idea of the mind of God. “Have consciousness, we travel.” I welcome you here on this wonderful day of celebrating the regenerating rejuvenating resurrecting spirit that is within us all as we seek to discover and release that cosmic good that is our life. In which no circumstance or situation can permanently keep it down, deny it or hinder it.

Something within us is stronger than anything that we may be facing and this is what this day is all about. I welcome you into this vibration, and we continue in the service with our affirmations and purpose statement, and they will be delivered this morning by an individual, who when you look up the vibration of selfless service in the metaphysical dictionary, you’ll run into Robert Harris otherwise known as Buddha Bob, because of his selfless giving for many, many years as being the director of our parking ministry as well as other things that he found himself in service. He will be doing that particular aspect of the service. He will be followed by the Rev. Cheryl Ward, the dean of our university at Agape, and many of you have sat in classes with her and seen her speak at Agape. She will be giving the selected reading of the day and anchoring us in a moment of prayer.

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Choice, Change, Choice with Michael Bernard Beckwith

Another great excerpt from a service at Agape International Spritual Center recorded in 2007 brings us right into the room as Michael Bernard Beckwith invites attendees to participate in a celebration of spirit.

From within your desire to be more expands the gap between what is said and in what follows reveals of golden hue. Like a beacon drawing you inward, this golden gap of opportunity carries you to the luminous lane. The luminous lane of your own heart.  There are no yesterdays in the luminous lane. There are no tomorrows, even the present does not exist in the luminous lane. There is only the now. as you choose the luminous lane it widens to a accommodate the growing strength and power of your intention.

You are standing in the light of infinite possibilities. You are standing in a place of expanded awareness. You are seeing yourself, knowing yourself as you choose your next moment. In the luminous lane your real self shines. You are teachable, pliable, willing and more. You are clear, open, happy and free possibilities emerge because there is nothing to fear. Limitations dissolve because there is nothing to resist. The deepest desires of you heart reveal perfect right action. In the luminous lane, the loving words you want to speak are spoken. The peaceful response that you want to make is made. The gentle touch you want to give is given. Become aware of the golden gap arising before you, the space between opportunity and action. Turn within; step out of your habitual reaction and into the luminous lane of creative response. From this place choose into the more of you, the affirmative statement. Now watch the golden opportunity arise before me. I turn within and creatively respond from the luminous lane of possibilities of my own heart and every moment I consciously choose to be more, and every moment I consciously choose to be more, and every moment I consciously choose to be more. Written through our very own Reverend Safire Rose, wonderful writing.  Give her thanks for that and I invite you to continue your inward glance.

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Teachings of Joy and Oneness with Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach

Today we are pleased to bring you this special program from Rabbi Shlomo Carleback.  The late Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach offers profound wisdom in how to love wholly in this beautiful transcribed excerpt from "Carlebach Teachings of Joy and Oneness & Other Stories."  His words are touching and deep, with instruction for us all.

We are living in a world which needs healing.  The whole world needs healing.  The whole world needs fixing.  The saddest most heartbreaking thing in the world when parents look at children and they think, “You know – hey! What’s going on? Why didn’t you have A+ every subject? Why aren’t you the best in piano playing? Why aren’t you the best in everything?”  So this is why a child is born in your house?  Because never has a child thought before it was born, he had two people who love me enough to fix me.

In these never before released talks by the late Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, we are exposed to his deeply spiritual and simple truths, lessons and inspirations. Interspersed in the teachings are wonderful melodies composed by Rabbi Carlebach, who offers this profound yet simple truth: “When you see something wrong with the world you are the one to fix it."

Part of excerpt from recording: “Every day God needs different things from us. You know one of the great Rabbis passed away. And his children came to the holy visionary…and he says to them, “What was the most important thing for your father?” so they said, “For our father, the most important thing is what you do right now.”

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Transformation of a Man with Ram Dass - Preview Two



Ram Dass gets to the heart of the matter in this transcribed excerpt from "Transformation of a Man" -- recorded live in 1968.  He offers different points of view on how attachment occurs -- right from the time of birth. But whatever the point of view, it still takes us away from "being here now."  This program is Part of our ongoing partnership with the Love Serve Remember Foundation. Read on...


And I say, “Because I’m not yet free enough to be able to be with the leaves without getting caught in the beauty.” Now this business of being caught is the critical matter that is the first step that people undertake in the road to becoming liberated. It is the technique which Gurdjieff has so exquisitely enunciated in his model of self remembering. And Gurdjieff says it in one way and Rodney Collin, the disciple of Ouspensky, says it in a slightly different way. Gurdjieff says your problem is that you identify… you learn to identify as a child with your body, then you identify with your mother’s concept of who you are so you develop social roles, and you identify with the concepts of the universe all around you so you become a thinking, rational being in a rational system. And then pretty soon when you’re angry, you say, “I am angry” and you identify with the anger and you are anger. And you identify with being in love and you identify with desires, and you identify with your lust, and you identify with everything. You identify with other people’s opinions of you. What Dave Riesman calls “the other-directed man”.

Rodney Collin calls it fascination. He says we’re like bees. We just are so fascinated by everything. We’re just like going from flower to flower. Like if you’re listening to me and just hearing my words and aren’t conscious at this moment that you’re listening to me and hearing my words, you are fascinated. You are trapped. That’s where you are at. That’s what it comes down to. Because all of the time I’m talking to you, I’m going, “Om Mani Padme Hum, Om Mani Padme Hum, Om Mani Padme Hum, Om Mani Padme Hum.” That mantra is going on inside of me. And from that place, which is completely outside of this game of lecture and our visiting together, I’m watching this whole drama unfold just like I were one of the actors on the stage. No fascination at all. I’m in the same place as if I’m saying, “Om Mani Padme Hum” in my cabin in New Hampshire or in the Ashram in India -- same place. There’s no place to go. There’s no place you ever go. You’re always in the same place.   When you begin to realize there’s nowhere to go its quite shaking at first. Driving and driving and there’s nowhere to go.   You’re not getting anywhere, because you’re there, you’re here. Now, the fascination or identification, if you understand that concept, that is the attachment to your senses, and that is the game is to get free of that, and the process of self-remembering is the process of developing the witness, or in Ramana Maharshi’s terms, the "I" thought. That is that place from which you observe.

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