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A Healthy Life And A Healthy Body by Bernie Siegel, MD

Studies reveal that women diagnosed with the same cancers as men live longer and that married men live longer than single men with the same cancers; smoke as much and have fewer cases of lung cancer than single men. It is not female hormones, or sleeping with them, that is protecting these men and women. […]

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Can an Empath Have a Healthy Romantic Relationship?

Empaths are people who feel very, very strongly. They are highly sensitive to the emotions, moods, and needs of others and often struggle to deal with those emotions. Some people see empaths as a subset of Highly Sensitive People (HSPs), while others equivocate empaths with clairsentients, people who can receive knowledge and insights from places other than the […]

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Being Free Together—Ram Dass

In this video, Ram Dass discusses how fulfilling relationships work. Check out BetterListen’s Ram Dass collection here.

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IT’S ALL HAPPENING #81 -STAN TATKIN on Relationships

This It’s All Happening podcast episode discusses relationships.

Why are relationships so hard? If you’re anything like I am you’ve spent immeasurable time and effort clawing away at romantic relationships that just never seem to work out. For me personally, it’s been by far the biggest supplier of grist for the mill. When the offer came across my desk to have Stan on the podcast I immediately jumped on it because I not only wanted to bring his wisdom to you but I also wanted to get into the deep end of my own issues. I got so much out of this one. We talked about the patterns within relationships, our nervous systems, gender roles and history, neurobiology and why that plays a role and techniques for dealing with conflict. Stan is smart, wise, very well educated and compassionate. Check out his site, books and this podcast!