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I watch as green jewels with gold flecks wait to become butterflies. Two Monarchs pause in their chrysalises. I check them many times a day, hoping to see darkening, hoping for orange wings to show through the chrysalis skin, hoping they’ll make it out of here in warmth and sunshine, hoping they’ll fly all the way […]

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Grateful Changemakers: ChangingAging

“All of ChangingAging’s performances, all of our advocacy, all of our innovation is driven at its core by love.  Love is the driving force behind combating ageism.” Here in our new feature “Grateful Changemakers”, we celebrate programs and projects that serve as beacons of gratefulness. These efforts elevate the values of grateful living and illuminate […]

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Gratitude: A Radical Approach to Life

Cultivating, practicing, and sustaining gratefulness as an approach to life is radical – because it flies in the face of internal and external forces which want us to believe the big lie that we need to have more and be more in order to be happy. One surefire way to transform our lives is to steep ourselves […]

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Accidental Opportunity to Practice Mindfulness

Recently my daughter was involved in a car accident in my car – they’re both fine, don’t worry. The entire experience so far has been an opportunity to practice mindfulness, beginning with the call from my daughter. “Mom,” she cried. “I’ve been in an accident.” I can still recall the sensations in my body as […]

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